How to include fresh fruits in your daily diet for best results



      My Fresh fruits platter for the week! 
Displayed  at my kitchen counter , an incentive to include fruits in my daily self care routine. 

 How to eat Fresh fruits | How to eat fruits daily | How to form a fruits eating habit

1. Recognize the importance of consuming Fresh fruits. 

2. Make it your goal this year to stick to eating Fresh fruits daily. 

3. Stock up Fresh fruits at home so that you have them readily available. 

4. Set a reminder everyday to consume Fresh fruits. 

5. If you have a family, encourage each other to eat Fresh fruits everyday, at a particular time and make it a family time and daily ritual. 

6. If you offer God Fresh fruits during Puja, definitely it must be good for you too! So what is stopping you?

How to eat Fresh fruits daily ; Important tips 

1. You should always have fruits at home.

2. If you can’t go to the market, order online or ask your neighborhood Fruits vendor for home delivery of fruits. 

3. Try to include a variety of colourful fruits. This way you will be able to include a variety of vitamins and minerals in your diet.

4. Eat seasonal fruits, as it will be fresh and appropriate for eating in that season. See,as the name seasonal suggests, nature has provided the best suited fruits for our consumption. If you observe closely, even birds and many animals are happily nibbling away at fruits. Nature is the best teacher. 

5. Start with a small portion if you don’t like fruits or you are not in the habit of eating fruits. 

6. Eat one fruit daily. 

7. Try and stick to locally available fruits as they will be cheaper. 

8. Only purchase fruits weekly. Otherwise they will go bad. This way you can avoid wasting food and money. 

9. Also, purchasing seasonal and local fruits is cheaper and will save you money. 

10. Do not eat fruits with food. Try to eat them either first thing in the morning or between meals. 

11. Eat one variety of fruits at one time. Avoid having mixed fruit.  This way you can optimize absorption of vitamins and minerals properly. It is my personal experience. I am very particular about eating one variety at a time and I never eat fruits with my meals. This way I do not feel bloated and heavy after consuming fruits. You must definitely try this and I guarantee a remarkable difference in your digestion. 

12. Force yourself to have a small portion of fruit and never overeat.

I am grateful to my parents for inculcating in me, a daily habit of eating Fresh fruits. 

Today, I see my daughter has picked up this healthy habit from me.

Children learn from action,not merely words.  So be the change and set up an example. I promise, this is one habit your children will be thankful for the rest of their lives.



This is undoubtedly the King Of Fruits!

Eat a small portion during the Mango season ( April-July)

● For glowing skin

● Lustrous hair

● For gut health 

● Protects from heat wave

● It does not cause acne.


Watermelons are available in plenty throughout the summer months. 

Though, the markets sell Watermelons throughout the year( not local variety) my suggestion is to eat them in season. 

● Good for skin

● Help in weight loss

● Eat in moderation 

● Protects from heat wave


Musk Melon season is from April to June.

● Good for skin

● Help in weight loss 

● Protects from heat wave


Papaya is easily available throughout the summer 

●Good for digestion 

● Healthy breakfast option 

●Eat in moderation 

●Good for skin 

● Helps in weight loss 

● Avoid in pregnancy 


Pomogranate is very high in nutrients. Again  it is readily available during the summer season. 

● Excellent for increasing level of Heamoglobin 

● Rich in iron

● Eating it regularly will give you glowing skin

● Cures constipation 

● improves gut health 

● Helps in weight loss 

● Eat I moderation 


If you are a citrus fruit fan, Malta is the fruit for you. 

Malta is grown in India. Orchards in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, both Indian states, see bumper crops during the summer season. Malta is supplied and sold all over India during the summers. 

The above picture is of Malta from Uttarakhand ( all the pics in this blog have been clicked by me, in my kitchen)

● Tangy taste

● Cures nausea 

● Glowing skin 

● Good hair health 

● Helps in weight loss 

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