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India produces some of the finest teas in the world. All tea at Tea Trunk is sourced within India and quality is not compromised, so it’s a little expensive. 
Tea is popular all over the World. Different cultures celebrate and enjoy various varieties of teas. It is also used for stress relief and helps in reducing anxiety. 
Tea Trunk delivers its variety of teas online. The leaves are sourced directly from the Tea Gardens to ensure pure, healthy and aromatic tea.
Tea Trunk teas are carefully crafted in small batches and no artificial flavors or colours are used. 
They retain the original, fresh and healthy flavors as they are not overly processed. 
Tea Trunk offers a wide variety of teas ranging from plain to herbal and flower flavoured.
I have been enjoying Tea Trunk iea since many years. My personal favorites are Spearmint, Mint, Mango and Marigold tea.
The Gourmet variety of teas at the Tea Trunk are worth a try. Among the bestsellers are, Spearmint, Blue Pea flowers, Matcha and Herbal teas. 
It is the perfect and thoughtful gift for your friends and family. Also, they can be a perfect corporate gift. Think out of the box and gift a hamper of healthy teas. 
● Spearmint green tea 

I am a regular consumer of Spearmint green tea from Tea Trunk. It is a wonder herb for Women as it promotes hormonal health. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety and is particularly recommended for Women battling PCOS, as this can help regulate menstrual cycles. 
● Matcha green tea 
It is very trendy nowadays. It is superfood among tea. It has anti cancer properties, but have it sparingly as it is high in caffeine. 
● Chamomile tea 
A cup of Chamomile tea before bedtime can have a calming effect and can help you sleep. Chamomile flowers are caffeine free, so it can be sipped anytime to unwind.
● Mango Tea 
I love the burst if Mango flavour during summer time. It is absolutely refreshing. 
● Marigold tea
This is another healthy and refreshing tea. Marigold is known for its medicinal value. Sipping this tea can relieve anxiety. 
I have been a regular customer of Tea Trunk and very happy with its products. 
Teas from India make a great gift or souvenir. Tea Trunk offers World Wide shipping. 
You can order from Tea Trunk by clicking on these links.

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