Review: Anantaraa Stainless Steel Tri ply Kahdai

As I wanted to shift to Stainless steel Kadhai, due to healthy options, after much research I found Anantaraa brand.

My main criteria was

1● It should be of good quality

2● It should not be very heavy

3● It should have a lid

4● It should be deep enough for frying

5● It should be sufficient for a medium sized family

After detailed research and comparison. I found, Anantaraa Stainless steel tri ply Kadhai met all my needs.

Anantaraa Stainless steel Kadhai

Positive aspects of the Kadhai

As I have used this Kadhai everyday for the past 6 months now, this is my experience

● The Kadhai has not lost its shine.

● Food does not get burnt while using the Kadhai due to the tri ply technology

● Food is evenly cooked due to the tri ply material

● It is deep enough for frying which is an essential part of all Indian households.

●The size of the Kadhai is more than sufficient for a small family.

● It is easy to handle as the handles don’t get hot while cooking.

● The lid fits well and the lid handle is very handy.

● Cleaning is easy as nothing sticks.

Above images are from my kitchen.

As you can see, Anantaraa Kadhai can be used for preparing all cuisines.

Also, it is Gas, induction, Hotplate and Halogen compatible.

This is a Made in India, high quality product.

You can get great deals and discounts during festivals and seasonal sales.

Anantaraa Kadhai was purchased by me during the Diwali sale from Amazon and I got a great discount.

Personally, I am very happy with this product as I do all my cooking ,also I am able to provide healthy meals for my family.

After using this Kadhai for 6 months, I can recommend it as a useful addition to your kitchen. Happy cooking!

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