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Fernsnpetals has been around for 25 years in the market and is a reliable retailer of fresh flowers on line delivery. It boosts of free delivery in one day in India. Fernsnpetals service is also available for International clients.

Fernsnpetals boosts of midnight delivery also in India.

Loved ones Birthday coming up? Want to sent flowers to someone special? Want to order a bouquet online? Want to order a special cake without going to the bakery?

Want to surprise anyone at midnight with cake, flowers, gifts or chocolates?

No time to pick up flowers, cake, gifts for special people in your life?

All your answers are here with fernsnpetals, the flower, cake and gift boutique.

Try the tested online delivery of very good quality products, Made in India! From the comfort of your home.

My family has been using the service of fernsnpetals for the past many years.

This time I decided to review fernsnpetals and talk about my personal experience with their products.


My experience has always been good with the fresh flowers.

They have a wide variety to choose from. This beautiful bouquet of Red Roses and Baby’s Breath flowers was delivered online to my home. You can feel the freshness even in these pics.

Here is another close up of the Rose after 2 days.

Of course you have to care for anything that you want to last! I change the water everyday and make the flowers last for upto 10 days.

Definitely, the freshness of the flowers is paramount.

Here is another beautiful, customized bouquet that was gifted to me on my birthday by my Daughter and Son-in-law.

Sunshine is the word for it! Exquisite and fresh bouquet of Gerbera with Crysanthmum. This was chosen carefully for me with great thought behind it as I am a firm believer of sustainability, so it came in a jute packaging. What an absolutely brilliant idea that should be made popular for the environment.

This beautiful bouquet of flowers remained fresh for a long time and adorned my living room.

The quality of the flowers is never compromised. Here is a close-up of the Gerbera.

Here is another exquisite bouquet of White and Pink Roses from fernsnpetals that was ordered yesterday to mark a special occasion.

Such an pretty bouquet of the choicest White and Pink Roses! Very dreamy and sophisticated.

This is the close up of the Roses.

My personal experience of fresh flowers from fernsnpetals has always been good.


fernsnpetals has a wide variety of cakes, catering to all occasions. You can get them customized too.

This is the cake I ordered from fernsnpetals recently. It was absolutely fresh and delicious.

The Cakes can be customized for all occasions. They can also be delivered at midnight.

My experience of this cake was very satisfying as it was a melt in the mouth experience.


Fernsnpetals has a wide variety to choose from.

In fact they have also ventured into decor recently and the products are querky and interesting.

My personal experience was very positive with the services of fernsnpetals.

The quality and the variety of their products as well as their prompt, timely delivery has really impressed me.

I would highly recommend the services of fernsnpetals based on my positive experience.

You can order from their website by clicking on this link



The festival of Rakshabhandhan is a major festival of India.

It celebrates the affectionate bond of Sisters and Brothers.

It is celebrated throughout the country with great enthusiasm.

Gifts are exchanged between Brothers and Sisters after typing a pious Rakhi on the Brother’s wrist.

In some places, Rakhis are tied on the wrists of Sisters, sisters-in- law, parents, guardians and even pets.

The idea is about a commitment to take care of each other and celebrate the beautiful bond together.

What better time to gift a hamper from fernsnpetals to your loved ones.

Just order customized gifts,bouquet, cakes,chocolate…online for quick delivery and enjoy the festivities without having to rush out to the market!

Hey friends, spring is in the air….

Just received this gift today…a bouquet of the most beautiful Asiatic Lilies from fernsnpetals. ..check this out, you will love it

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