Product Review: The Indus Valley Cast Iron Frypan / Skillet

The Indus Valley Cast Iron Frypan

Are you looking for a cast iron Frypan for daily cooking needs?

After a lot of research, I bought the Indus Valley Cast Iron Frypan and here is my honest review after using it regularly for six months.

● It is toxin free 100% pure cast iron.

● Super smooth finish.

● Heats evenly, cooks better.

● Premium grade quality.

● Pre seasoned, non toxic.

● Non stick, consumes less oil, food glides easily.

● The design is convenient and the handle is comfortable. As the handle is made of Iron, I use a napkin to hold it.

This size is perfect for my family

● The Frypan size is 25.4cm/ 1.7L

● The Frypan or Skillet is available in various sizes and styles.

● Cooking in Iron utensils is beneficial for health as it provides essential Iron to the body.

● It is reasonably priced and you can get a good deal in the ongoing sale.

The sturdy long handle is comfortable

● You can use the Frypan on Gas stove, induction and camp fires.

● Due to the compact size, storage is easy.

The Frypan body is thick and sturdy

● Not difficult to maintain. After use, I wash it and season with vegetable oil.

● It takes a while to get used to the taste, but the health benefits are immense.

● As you can see from the pictures, I have been cooking everyday vegetables and they have turned out delicious.

Delicious Aloo Parval sabzi
Yummy Bhindi sabzi

This is one of my good investments in my health and I hope to reap benefits for many years to come. It is a safe way to combat iron deficiency if used regularly.

The only downside to it is that it cannot be used in the Microwave or Dishwasher. Small price to pay for a healthy lifestyle, right?

Personally, I am using it regularly and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in cast iron cookware for daily cooking needs.

Do visit The Indus Valley website for details or you can purchase from Amazon.

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All pictures have been clicked by me. Do ask before using any one of them.

Happy cooking!

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