Product Review: Wonderchef 28cms Non-stick Dosa Tawa

Are you looking for a long lasting, good quality, food grade non stick Tawa?

Wonderchef Tawa is an excellent kitchen essential.

Bought Wonderchef Non Stick Tawa during the sale on Amazon and have used it for a few months. Sharing real life images and experiences..

Images from my Kitchen

Do you also face issues like sticky Dosas and Chillas?

Since I have started using Wonderchef Non stick Tawa or Skillet, my Dosa and Chilla never stick as I have shown in the puctures.

Positive points about Wonderchef Granite range Non stick Tawa or Skillet

● The Non stick quality is very good and scratch resistant.

● Granite technology gives the Tawa longer life.

● Wonderchef Granite Range Non Stick Dosa Tawa is induction and gas stove friendly.

● The Tawa is easy to handle due to its light weight.

● The rubber handle is soft to grip and does not get hot while cooking.

●The size of the Tawa gives you options to cook different size of Dosas, Chillas, Pancakes, Uttappams, Paranthas etc.

●As the edges and rim are slightly lifted, you need not worry about food spills.

●Very little cooking medium is required like Ghee, Oil, Butter etc. So, you can cook healthy meals.

● If you want to loose weight, Wonderchef Tawa is your friend as you will be cooking your meals with very little or no oil.

● Very easy to maintain and clean.

Cooking Dosas and Chilla

Maintenance of Wonderchef Non Stick Tawa:

●Wash with warm soapy water using a soft scrubber, when using the first time.

● Make sure you wash it after it cools down completely.

● Always use a soft scrubber and avoid abrasive cleaning products.

● Wipe it and store properly for further use.

●The above tips will ensure a long life of your Tawa and ensure a happy cooking experience.

Personally, I am very satisfied with this product and recommend it. Happy cooking!

Comment and let me know if this article was useful as I have given a practical viewpoint…the other scientific details are available on the Wonderchef website…here I have given a simple solution to kitchen problems.

All pictures have been clicked by me, do mention the source if you plan to use them.

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