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    India’s largest online supermarket. 
Honest review of Big Basket | Benefits of shopping on Big Basket | save money by shopping on Big Basket 
I have been a regular customer of Big Basket for the past 4 years. Here I will be sharing my experience with you all.
Above logo is the official logo of Big Basket. 
You can download the Big Basket App from Google Playstore. 
This App is very convenient and consumer friendly. 
Brief description:
Big Basket is a Tata enterprise. In May 2019, it was acquired by Tata Digital, a subsidiary of Tata Sons. Big Basket has established itself as India’s largest e-commerce player in the food and grocery category. 
Why you should consider shopping on Big Basket:
■ It offers more than 18000+products 
■ The price of products offered is lower than market price. 
■ Everyday, some discounts are offered on majority of the products. 
■ Quality of product is very good. 
■ It caters to almost all your daily household needs.
■ Saves you time, effort and money with doorstep delivery. 
■ You don’t have to step out unnecessarily during these days of restrictions. 
■ If you are not satisfied with any product, they offer very easy return and exchange policies. 
■ Convenience of payment:
You can make payments in a variety of ways. 
Cash on delivery, payment by card on delivery, UPI, card payments, online payments by wallet.  
■ You can shop by category.  Search on the App and shop for various products like household items, kitchen ware, beauty products, bakery items, cleaning and hygiene products, baby and pet care products, fresh fruits, vegetables, poultry and dairy, beverages, grocery, gardening essentials, stationary etc.
What ever items one requires on a daily basis, are being offered with attractive discounts. 
■ Every month, if you buy between 1st and 10th,  you can avail of heavy discounts. 
■ Attractive offers from time to time.
■ Avail of priority slots on delivery by signing for bb star membership 
■  Big Pack Bigger Discounts, Deals of the week, Combos, bb label products like BB Royal, BB Royal Organic, BB Popular, Value Pack, Ready to Cook are very attractive Deals. 

My personal experience of Big Basket:
☆ I started using Big Basket around 4 years back 
☆ Over the years it has improved a lot.
☆ Big Basket is today the largest e- commerce grocery store in India. It have established itself as a reliable retailer. This is my observation. 
☆ I am happy with their BB brand products and they are my frequently purchased items as the quality is good and they are reasonably priced. 

☆ I make sure to avail the heavy discounts offered between the 1st and 10th of every month to top up my grocery items. 
☆ When ever I have needed milk, fruits and vegetables in an emergency, Big Basket has never disappointed me as they have a good and available stock. Other on line delivery services are out of stock most of the time.

☆ Products are of very good quality. 

☆ I have never had to return anything significant, only a couple of times some packaged fruit had to be exchanged. It was promptly replaced. 
☆ Here I do not want to take any names of other online retailers,but I am personally not a fan of the concept of 10 minute delivery. 
In an already rushed World, who needs to order everything at the last minute and expect everything should reach us in 10 minutes. 
Being on a Minimalist journey and trying to live a slow meaningful life, I don’t like to order groceries at the last minute and expect them to reach my doorstep in 10 minutes. 
☆ Big Basket offers me  the luxury to leisurely plan my shopping without the fear of products going out of stock.  Personally, this is the way I do life. I don’t like to be rushed in an already rushed World. 
☆ Expecting  Delivery boys to deliver everything within 10 minutes puts them under a lot of pressure and rash driving can be risky and puts  them in unnecessary danger. 
☆ Personally, I like to plan and  budget in advance before ordering groceries. So Big Basket suits my needs  perfectly and I am very happy with their services. 
Highly Recommended by Review Paradise 
Good quality, reliable, affordable and on time delivery. 
Here is the link to Big Basket:
For hassle free shopping you can download the BIG BASKET APP from Google Playstore. 
One of the oldest and established online delivery services BIG BASKET has recently made a few changes to keep up with the latest trend of quick delivery. 
To keep up with the competition in the already crowded market of online services, vieying for the attention of the customers by offering 10 minutes delivery, BIG BASKET has tweaked its delivery options. 
Now when you open the BIG BASKET APP, the interface looks like this:

Keep on shopping!

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