My February Goal:Decluttering @2022

Hey Friends, hope you all are doing well. As I had promised to share my Decluttering and Minimalism Journey through out the year 2022, let me share my Goal for the month of February.

Though I have been on the path of Minimalism and Decluttering since 2017, life happens. This is a journey throughout life and not a one time task.

Things have to be planned and sometimes they go out of hand. Without realizing, we keep accumulating and if not checked, you get overwhelmed. 

So, it is essential to take stock of your situation and possessions from time to time. This Year I have decided to set small monthly goals. Point is to make them easy to achieve and motivate myself to set further goals. 

Hope you all will get inspired by my small steps and set your personal goals for 2022.

My Goal for the month of February 2022:

To Keep the surfaces of my home, clutter free. 

This includes:

Keeping all tables throughout the house clear of unnecessary objects. 

Maintaining a clutter free kitchen surface. 

Clearing the Dining table from time to time.

Clearing my Entryway to keep it minimal for reducing last minute rush and confusion , while leaving home.

How do I plan to go about this task:

As we are a family of three, I will tell them about my February Goal.

Will request the family members to contribute and co-operate to help me with my goal, as it involves common areas of the home and everyone should be responsible. 

If they cooperate well and good, otherwise I will carry on with my February Goal. Hopefully, they will also get inspired and try to maintain the clutter free ambience. 

I will share my February Goal journey with you through out the month. I will try to update you all with  the hits and misses.

My challenge: Not to force, nag or get irritated with family members. It is ultimately my journey. Maintaining a peaceful and calm atmosphere at home along with the ongoing goal should be the motto. 

Staying Focused on the task at hand. 

Not to Declutter the individual possessions of other family members as the task  involves common areas of the home.

If they don’t agree, I will continue with my task. 

I invite you all to witness my triumphs and challenges on baby steps to achieve my goal.

My Goal is to bring about a sense of ease and calmness to my home.

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