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                         My Minimalistic Entryway 
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The Entryway is one of the most important spaces in our home. 
A well organized Entryway can make your task of leaving home smooth. 
If you are always misplacing home and car keys,important papers, leaving home without masks, sanitizer or random other things, then you need an organized Entryway. 
This is how I have organized my Entryway.
As I am on a Minimalist journey, my Entryway is spartan and non fussy. Being a Minimalist does not mean the space is not attractive. I have decorated it in a simple yet stylish manner. 
I have placed a table at the entrance door. This table holds my keys. It becomes very easy to leave home as every thing is at one place. 
I have also kept some sanitizer bottles for everyone. As soon as we enter our home, we use the sanitizer. If anyone is leaving home they can carry a can of sanitizer. 
On the opposite wall of the Entryway I have a closet that holds the outdoor shoes and umbrellas. Other important items that need to be mended, exchanged or returned are also placed there for easy access. 

I keep changing the look of my Entryway to give it a fresh look. All decor items have been with me since ages. As a Minimalist  I do not shop for decor anymore and use whatever I have. 
Next to the table, I have kept a chair to put on or take out footwear. It is very comfortable and makes the task easier. 
Every few months I give the Entryway a fresh look by changing the Minimalist decor.
Here are a few Minimalist easy Entryway tips anyone can follow :
■ Firstly use whatever you have at home and don’t spend any money. You can easily find a table and spare chair or stool.

Here, I have replaced the chair with a traditional Indian stool , locally called a Muddi. Soon, I will be posting a separate article on The Muddi. I invite you to explore the versatile furniture piece. 
So, basically you can play around with whatever 
you own.
Personally, I like to display Buddha Statues as they look so serene and bring about a sense of calm and peace. 
You can display any art or decor objects to make the place attractive. 
■ Designate proper area for keys etc.
■ Do place a chair or stool to sit down comfortably to wear or take off shoes. 
■ Keep it Minimalistic, avoid clutter for a no fuss routine. 
■ Keeping it simple will make it easy to clean and remove visual clutter.  This will make your dash to the door hassle free. 
■ You can add a lamp or some fairy lights to give it a warm glow. 
■  Hang an art piece or painting to liven up the space. I have put up a watercolor gifted by a dear friend, a talented artist. 
Hope these tips will help you create a calm, clean and attractive Entryway, without spending any money. 

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