My January Goal @2022: How did I perform

 This post is an update on my January Goal @2022: refrigerator and pantry challenge. 

I am mighty proud of successfully completing this challenge. 

In fact, to my surprise  I still have enough groceries to last another ten days. 

Items I still have in my pantry:

1. Enough lentils and beans.

2. Rice and wheat flour. 

3. Spices that can last the entire month of February and some can last many months. This is a revelation. 

4.Tea leaves, spaghetti, sauces,honey, cooking medium, baking items. 

5. Vermicelli, semolina, sago etc

All these products can be used for the next 10 days. 

Items I had to buy in the third week of January:

1. Fresh fruits 

2. Fresh vegetables 

3. Milk

4. Bread 

I managed to use up all food from the refrigerator and then had to order the above products. Being vegetarian, fresh fruits and vegetables are an integral part of our diets.

Part of fresh produce is still in the refrigerator and will last another week.

Lessons from my January Goal:

● After the initial hesitation, I have realized it is doable. 

● This challenge can be taken up a few times in an Year.

● This makes you realize how much is already there to consume and you don’t have to rush to the grocery store every few days. 

● As you become creative with whatever is available, it will help you to save money. 

● This way you will reduce food waste and the money saved can be used for something important. 

● This challenge will make you more confident and you will feel more secure about food. 

● This is an  important lesson you can give to your  kids. It will make them Thrifty and creative.

● This challenge filled me with Gratitude for my privilege of having enough food. 

As you know, I have decided to do an Year of low buy @2022. I am planning to share my journey throughout the year on Review Paradise. Idea is to set small achievable goals and set micro habits. Through this journey, I want to live a frugal lifestyle and save money. I invite you to definitely take up the refrigerator and pantry challenge. 

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