Best Budget Friendly furniture, Eco-friendly, affordable, traditional Indian stool : Muddi

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             Muddi, traditional versatile stool

Muddi: The most efficient piece of furniture I have ever owned. This is part of a set that I have been using for the past 6 years. With some care, it has served me well. 

■ Why is this piece of furniture my favorite?

This piece of  versatile furniture has been a constant fixture in my home.

It is still going strong after daily use since the last 6 years. 

Very comfortable to use.

Can easily be moved around as it is light weight. 

Fits snugly in small spaces. In fact, I push it under a table when not in use and move it around the house whenever required. 

Extra seating can be easily created with Muddi. 

Very easy to transport. I have shifted so many houses and it is still intact.

Does not get damaged easily. In fact any spillage can easily be wiped off without any damage. 

Children can easily move it around. 

It is an excellent foot rest.

Muddi can be used for little kids,easy and safe to sit on, excellent feeder chair. 

Can be used outdoors, in the garden, balcony, patio.

Sweeping and mopping tasks become easy as Muddi  can be stacked on top of each other.

■ Environmentally friendly product. 

They are made from bamboo sticks(locally known as Sarkanda) The raw material is easily available in North Indian States. 

Jute and cotton ropes were traditionally used to bind it together. Now nylon ropes are also used, due to popular demand.

As the raw materials are natural, it is a sustainable and eco- friendly product. 

Production of Muddi does not pollute the environment. Eco-friendly, rural product. 

■ Supports local artisans by creating jobs.

Popularizing this product can help support a large number of local artisans and their families. 

As this is one of the products that can add to the income of rural folk, Popularizing it can really benefit them to earn a decent living. 

As a Minimalist, I like to support local artisans and locally sourced products. 

Using handmade products brings you closer to the maker. You can appreciate the craftsmanship , skill and effort of the person who created it . It is definitely better than any machine made object as you feel for the person who has put so much of love in creating it.

Review Paradise definitely recommends this versatile product. It is worth they money spent and satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Hope you have enjoyed this post. I will keep posting about more traditional handicrafts from time to time. Till then, more power to local artisans and Eco-friendly products. 

Muddi  can be bought both offline and online. 

1• Local North Indian markets. 

2• North Indian Village markets. 

3• If you are driving on highways, you can find a lot of people selling these products. Make sure to strike a bargain. They will easily give you a discount. 

4• Now days Muddi can be bought online from the comfort of your home. 

They are available on many websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Indiamart,Pepperfry, jeomart,shop clues,Pinterest 

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