Parenting tips: Online classes

 The Pandemic has forced school children all over the World, out of schools and into virtual classes. 

This has taken a huge toll on children and parents/ guardians.

Over these two years, children have been attending virtual classes on majority of the days with the exception of a few days of offline classes whenever situation permits. 

With restrictions children and parents have had to adapt to a previously unknown situation.

In most cases, parents are also working from home. This situation has thrown up many challenges and a lot of stress. 

Here are a few tips to maintain a peaceful, calm,healthy and balanced atmosphere for all members of the family. 

1● Maintain a routine. 

This can not be emphasized enough. 

Everyone at home should get up at a particular time and freshen up.

2● Everyone should collect at the dining table for a healthy breakfast. 

3● Grown ups should help in clearing the Dining table after every meal. Little ones can be taught to keep their plates in the kitchen sink.

4● Make sure that everyone changes out of night clothes. This one action will automatically make everyone active. 

5● Everyone should have a designated area for online classes and office work.

6● Children should be made aware of this privilege and taught to keep their desks clutter free after classes. 

7● Make sure that you provide a noise free atmosphere for children during their classes. 

8● In return, children should be aware of your efforts and help you with household work( of course according to their age)

9● Take regular breaks from screen time. Long hours in front of screen can be tiring for the eyes. Encourage them to close their eyes from time to time. Also, they can look at a distance for much needed break from the screens.

10● You can encourage them to do some light stretching exercises. 

11● Make sure to eat healthy snacks like helping of fruits. Be very strict about not consuming unhealthy food like chips, burger,pizza regularly. 

12● Be very strict and avoid all areated drinks. Do not keep soda at home. Soda drinks are just empty calories. 

13● Talk to your children regularly and be aware of what is going on.

14● Have all meals together as a family. Make sure that all of you are eating a balanced diet.

15● Switch off cell phones during mealtimes. 

16● Remember kids learn through action and not mere words. 

17● Be model parents, set healthy boundaries. Follow what you preach.

18● Teach them the importance of a clutter free home.

19● Involve them in meal prep and planning. This skill will benefit them through out their lives. 

20● Set a strict night routine. No screen time in the evening, everyone should help in keeping things in their places and retire for the night by a particular time for the much needed rest.

These are just basic tips to follow regarding maintaining a routine for children during school days. Weekends can be flexible with some indulgence. 

Hope these easy tips will help you set up a calm,easy and productive routine for you and your children on weekdays during these tough times. 

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