Decor Ideas: Glimpses of my Eclectic Minimal Home ,A Visual Treat

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All pictures have been clicked by me. You are requested to mention the source, if you wish to use them.

This image pretty much sums up my decor style; eclectic, Minimalist, eco- friendly, calm and comfy, easy- breezy, inviting,  Wabi Sabi. 

This blog post will be more of a visual one to do justice to the title! So stay tuned and enjoy some quirky, eclectic,  diy, minimal ideas around my home and hearth.


My winter cozy reading nook in a corner of my living room is the ultimate go to area to ideate, read, write and generally do nothing!

Summer sees a change of scenery! Gone are the cozy throws and it’s minimal time. The change of seasons demands a change of the reading nook. The books are still there to be picked up and relax. 

Fresh flowers are a must in my home to give it a spring-summer feel. 

Another corner of my living room with an invitation for freshly brewed aromatic coffee. 

Gentle Dokra artifacts (handcrafted by local artisans from metal scrap) give my living space a serene vibe. Their presence brings a smile to my face and a sense of calmness in this chaotic world. 

My home has an Eclectic and Minimalist sensibility as the simple decor style exhibits. 

All the decor pieces have a back story and things have been displayed without creating a cluttered look. It makes it easy to clean and most importantly, the space gives the entire house a breezy feeling. 

My home is a reflection of Rainbow Minimalism. 


My dining area boasts of more quirky decor ideas. From masks from my travel to Leh( Ladakh, India) to Bhojpatra dairy ( a precious gift from my Son-in-law)

Elephants are displayed everywhere in my home. These giant gentle lovable animals are extremely loyal and exude a very reassuring meaning to life.

Bhojpatra diary, Elephant bookmark, coffee in stoneware mug and more books. 

My dining area is all ready for the summers with pastels and chilled healthy drinks. 

Another corner in my dining room, replete with textiles and knick knacks picked up from one of my travels.

Cute trays add a bit of quirk to my home setting 

Cute Animals 

Simply love them! These have been a part of my home for a long time and just looking at them calms me….precious.

The way we eat

Thali and Katori( Traditional Indian plates and bowl)


Quirky tableware, like this salad bowl keeps things interesting around the kitchen 

My home is a treasure trove of querky serving dishes like this platter. Homemade healthy food is what is served in such delightful dishes. 

The busiest and most used area in any household, mine is always filled up with ready to eat seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables!

My fruit bowl is always full of multi coloured fruits that are just waiting to be picked up.

Not to miss the freshly washed vegetables, ready to go into the refrigerator!

Me and my daughter love to rustle up yummy, healthy, easy recipes and experiment a lot.
We love baking, so you can smell the fresh aromas of pizzas and pies!

Here is very healthy, easy, lip smacking homemade Hummus dip!

With so much going on, keeping a perfect house is quite challenging. Well, we all know this feeling. 
Attention to detail, making sure things are maintained and cared for is all part and parcel of life.
Take frequent breaks, brew some tea or coffee and relax with your favorite book next to your favorite window to unwind, is my mantra.

A clean and decluttered kitchen is the best feeling in the World. It takes a lot of effort to keep it spic and span at all times.

Here is how it looks like after I clean it up post dinner, ready for a fresh start in the morning.



My tiny yet immaculate pretty garden is a vibrant, visual delight. 

All this has been done hands on without a mali.

This is my winter garden. 

One of the many pots with pretty pansies. 

These images are from my summer garden with a profusion of potted plants and greenery. 

I love to display various decor items along with  plants to add some quirk like these intricate Dokra articrafts  made by extremely talented tribes. All these are eco friendly as Dokra artifacts are made from metal scrap. So basically, they are upcycled and repurposed handicrafts.

Peace and calm is the most important vibe for me. All over my house, serene statues are displayed, bathing the entire space in their kindness and a sense of well-being. 

Hope you enjoyed the visual tour of my Eclectic, quirky,  diy, minimal and delightful home. Do let me know in the comments!

Enjoy these Minimalist Diwali Decor ideas from my Home:

This Minimalist arrangement creates a sense of space, is safe to display and throws a warm glow on the surroundings. 

View from a higher angle….so pretty!

Perfect for night time, Dining table, corner, Entryway, Console or a corner.

Delicious Vegan Kheer…Happy Diwali to all

For the Day….calm and serenity 

Don’t get caught up in the busyness of Diwali…this arrangement will bring about peace and sense to all the chaos….breathe deeply and relax!

All decked up for Diwali….warm magical glow.

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