Decorate with me: Thrifty Festive Ideas


Thrifty and Frugal Decorating ideas:

1●Find inspiration from things you own:

    This is my personal favorite trick. Every festive season, I glance through my possessions and come up with DIY Decorative Ideas without spending anything. There is no end to creativity. Look around your house and get inspired. The pictures I am sharing in this post are from my own Festival Decoration this year. Not only was I able to use already owned items,it gave me tremendous satisfaction to reuse them and in the process save money .

2● Unused items can be aesthetically used:

    Look around the house for brass,bronze,iron utensils. These can be used as decor, seriously!Just give them a good polish and they can add sparkle to any space, also give a traditional touch. Apart from stand-alone signature pieces, they look very pretty as centre piece with floating candles and flowers. They will give any room a  classy touch, when used as planters.

3● Try to DIY as much as possible:

  A touch of polish,or a dash of paint can transform the most drab of objects and give them a new lease of life. 

Use colourful dupatta and sarees to brighten up your living space. Rich dupattas can be used as throws, or table covers to turn your space festival ready. Traditional, heavy sarees that you don’t use any more can also be used in a similar fashion. Another trick is to engage a person with some stitching skills to turn unwanted old rich fabric into cushion covers, tablecloths and runners. If you are a little bold, heavy Traditional sarees that you don’t use any more can be transformed into curtains and bedcovers. This is not a new idea. Women in households, since time immemorial have been doing this. Over the past few years, somehow this was being ignored in lieu of ready-made objects. Now is the time to bring the idea back.

4● Creatively use available items as dishes:

 This is my personal favorite. Rather than purchasing new dishes, I use various Assorted items to serve sweets, savory items,nuts and finger food. It invariably turns into a piece of conversation and creativity. I encourage you all to use up quirky nic nacs and assorted interesting items to serve your festive food. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised and very forthcoming with compliments. 

5● Pay attention to detail:

  A neat and clean home with everything in its place is unbeatable. Smiles, love and laughter can transform any space into the most welcoming one. Keep things tidy, clutter free and sparkling. Use organizers, trays, dishes to put things together. Declutter your environment and create visual depth. 

6 ● Bargain:

 If you have to buy new things, try thrift shopping. Look for festive sales. Amazon is a good platform to get reasonably priced decor items. Sales during festivals offer very good bargains. 

Try to use as much as you already own. Shop only if you must. Reuse, repurpose all your things. DIY as much as possible. Dig out all old items and give them a new lease of life. Save the environment and your money!

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