SBI ‘Video Life Certificate ‘


Pensioners  can submit life certificates through video call. 

* In September, SBI has revamped the website for the Pensioners called the SBI Pension Seva. 

* Pensioners can also submit their life certificates by visiting a Bank, Post Office, Availing of doorstep service,  or at Jeevan Pramaan Portal. 

* The State Bank  of India (SBI) is set to launch India’s first ” Vedio Life Certificate “(VLC) service on 1st November 2021. This will allow Pensioners to submit their Life Certificates  through a simple video call from the comfort of their homes. 

* “Now submit your Life Certificate from the comfort of your home! Our # Vedio Life Certificate Service  launching on 1st November 2021 will allow pensioners to submit their Life Certificates  through a simple Vedio call,” the Country’s top lender informed via a tweet. 

* In order to continue receiving a pension, every government pensioner has to submit an annual Life Certificate  in November. 

*Sharing a nearly 1 minute Vedio,  SBI has explained a step-by-step  process through which  Bank Pension Account Holders can submit their Life Certificate through a Vedio Call, starting 1st November 2021.

* Pensioners have to follow a step by step guide 

1. Visit SBI Pension Seva Portal. 

2. Now, click on ‘Vedio LC’ to initiate the VLC process. 

3. Enter your SBI Pension Account Number and enter the one-time password (OTP) received on your registered mobile number. 

4. Read and accept the ‘Terms and conditions ‘ and click on ‘Start Journey ‘

5. Keep your original PAN Card handy and click on ‘I am ready ‘.

6. Allow permission to start the Vedio call and your interactions will begin as soon as an SBI Official is available. 

7. You can also set a schedule to interact according to your convenience. 

8. The available SBI Official  will ask you to read out the 4-digit verification code on your screen.

9.Now show your PAN Card to the Official and allow him or her to capture it.

10. Now the Official will capture your picture and the Vedio Life Certificate (VLC) will be complete. 

In case of rejection, you will be informed by the Bank via SMS and alternatively, you can visit your Pension paying branch, nearest branch for submission of your Life Certificate. 

In September 21,SBI had revamped the website for the Pensioners called the SBI Pension Seva. 

SBI ‘Vedio Life Certificate ‘ facility is  boon for Pensioners. 

* It will provide much needed relief for the technology savvy Pensioners. 

* As we are pushing towards a digital future, it is a step in the right direction. 

* As a large number of Pensioners go digital, burden on Bank infrastructure will be relieved as it will free up a large number of Bank employees who can be utilized for other work. 

* SBI has to be applauded for this convenient step for all government Pensioners. 

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