How To Motivate your spouse to follow Minimalism

 Minimalism is the most effective and efficient way of saving money and living a life of value. 

Let me break it down for you in lay man terms. Actually the picture that comes to our mind is one of stark walls, a few piece of cutlery, a few plates, no furniture and a few clothes. This can sound very daunting to anyone. 

My Minimalism Journey is very personalized. I do not follow any strict rules about the number of items one should possess to qualify as a Minimalist. 

In fact, I have kept all the items that I use regularly and have removed those that serve no purpose. I have decluttered my closet based on what I wear frequently or have used recently. 

One of the most challenging part is that of bringing your spouse on board to embrace a Minimalist lifestyle. 

Without making it sound very complicated, here are my tried and tested tips.

Challenges you will encounter during this exercise:

1● Outright dismissal!

Way to approach 

Don’t react, keep doing your thing and do not loose hope.

2● Excuses regarding lack of time to Declutter. 

Way to approach 

You can offer some help and set up a schedule. 

Remember it should not sound daunting or it will fail before it gets started. 

Start with allocating 15 minutes on a weekend and if you see any enthusiasm, it can be increased gradually. 

3● Spouse feels overwhelmed with the task to Declutter. 

Way to approach 

Offer sincere help but do not get carried away purging all your spouse’s stuff. It can get very touchy as the spouse might feel offended by your eagerness to remove all the possessions. 

4● Lead by example. Seeing is believing!

Way to approach 

Start following a Minimalist lifestyle and mention it from time to time. Declutter your closet and your personal space and items. Definitely, the spouse will feel your energy and enthusiasm. Eventually, your lifestyle and it’s benefits are bound to rub off on your spouse. 

5● Talk about the money saving benefits. 

Way to approach 

A Minimalist lifestyle encourages intentionality in your purchases. When you will start focussing on experiences and not things, you will stop purchasing unnecessary things. This will save you money. It does not cost anything to go for a walk, prepare meals at home, do yoga or some fitness regimen at home or get books from the library. 

By following a Minimalist lifestyle, you will reduce your unwanted shopping and delay gratification. This will save you a ton of money.

6● Patience is the key. 

Do not criticize your spouse’s habits and possessions. Don’t go overboard and start to nag your spouse about their stuff. Show Patience and time will show them the benefits of leading a simple life. You focus on leading a meaningful life with less. This will definitely encourage your spouse to give it a try.

Minimalistic nooks at home bring about serenity and calmness. They encourage you to sit down for a bit, read, relax and be present in the moment. They give out positive vibes and bring about peace and add freshness to your home, that is ,your piece of heaven on the Earth, where you can be yourself, away from the hurly burly of the world. 

Your spouse will definitely start appreciating these changes and would like to be a part of them.

Your spouse will definitely observe your new calm demeanor, with a decluttered home as it reduces household chores. 

Your new calm personna and self care routine which is a byproduct of Minimalism is bound to encourage your spouse to follow it.

Following a Minimalist lifestyle is going to streamline your day to day routines and make you add value to your life by eliminating unnecessary clutter, leaving you with free time to focus on rest, leisure, exercise, fitness, meditation, hobbies and family time.

These are just beginners tips to get your spouse interested in a Minimalist lifestyle. 

Start 2022 with a goal to experiment with Minimalism. It is bound to radically change your life for the better and you will never look back. 

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