Life Review 2022: Decoding Decluttering


 Have you been pondering what Decluttering means lately?  I am sure you must have come across the word Decluttering or must have heard from someone that they are into Decluttering. 

Let me break it down for you in simple and easily understandable terms. Also I will list down a few easy to follow steps that you can use for Decluttering. 

Firstly, make it your goal for year 2022.

To be able to achieve anything,  you have to follow it and make it sustainable. 

We will start by understanding the term Decluttering. 

It can be understood simply as doing away with things and activities that do not add any value to your life, thereby making space and time for the ones that enrich your life. 

There are thousands of websites propagating the idea of Decluttering. Do not get overwhelmed by the spartan spaces, throwing away everything in excitement to achieve empty spaces, only to repurchase items.

My idea of decluttering is removing only those items that do not serve a purpose. I do not advocate throwing away anything without a solid reason. For me decluttering would mean use up everything , not replacing without a thought, being very mindful of what comes into my home.

I am a committed believer of sustainability, so you will find me being very mindful of what enters my home. I will not discard items without making the most of them. Repurpose,reuse and refuse is my mantra.

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1● Ask yourself, does the item serve any purpose?

Go around your house, randomly pick up things lying around without a home. Try and give them a home. If still they are lying around, you need to think about their utility and most probably it’s time to let them go. 

2● Start with a small space.

 Take up your clothes closet, a junk drawer, desk or entryway or a book shelf. Remove all items and give the space a scrub. Now return only those items that you want. It’s time for the items to go if they are not placed back.

3● Decluttering will not mean the same for everyone.

For example, I like to keep a Decluttered cooking area.  All things have a home. It gives me a peaceful atmosphere to work. Also it does not mean I own only 4 plates, 6 glasses or 4 fork. I enjoy my home, entertain and live with what I require.  That is Decluttering for me.

This is what my glass collection looks like after removing 80%. These are used regularly and are confined to this space in my kitchen so it suits me. Basically to each his or her own.

4● Set yourself small achievable goals everyday and be proud of yourself. 

Decluttering is a life long journey. For anything to become a habit you have to have a routine. Set yourself small routines like doing the dishes. It will fill you with a sense of accomplishment and give you a clutter free sink.

I make sure my dishes are done and leave them to self dry in the basket. This makes my mind free to pursue a small Decluttering task in another area of the house. 

With the knowledge that I have achieved a clean space already, I get invigorated to accomplish another task.

5● What is your Enough?

Ask yourself this time and again. Deowning is better than Decluttering. Next time you want to make a purchase, think if you have space for it. Only bring in important things into your life. Learn to say NO.

These easy tips will help you start your Decluttering journey.  After a while you will question all your purchasing decisions. The idea is to live happily with less. Peace of mind and money saved.

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