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Life Corporation of India (LIC) is like to announce an IPO around mid March 2022.
The Government of India holds 100% stake in LIC. It is selling 5% of its shares to meet it’s economic requirements. 
It has been announced that 10% of the IPO shares will be reserved for the policyholders of LIC.
This makes it very exciting for the policyholders  as they will get a chance to bid for shares and be part of LIC.
These are the guidelines laid by the Government  of India for the process:
1● All LIC POLICYHOLDERS can bid for shares in the LIC IPO.
This is a great opportunity for policyholders to own a part of LIC by becoming shareholders. 
LIC is a household name in India. The Government Of India us reserving 10% shares for policyholders as a special gift to recognize their loyalty. Policyholders can apply online or through their agents when the IPO will come out.
2● For this purpose all LIC policies have to be  linked to PAN Card. 
Generally,  everyone who has an LIC policy has a PAN Card.  Though, there could be some who still do not have one. 
Also, The Government has made it mandatory to link the PAN Card to the policy for the LIC IPO.
Update your PAN Card documents and link them to the policy on time to avail of the special 10% policyholders offer. 
3● POLICYHOLDERS  have to open DMAT Accounts. 
This is to facilitate online transactions of shares. In a bid to promote online transactions, the Government is encouraging DMAT Accounts.  In case it is difficult to understand the procedure, policyholders can approach their agents. The agents will help in opening the DMAT Accounts. If the policyholders want to apply on paper, they will help with the procedure. 
4● The POLICYHOLDERS  can take the help of their LIC Agents to open DMAT Accounts and linking PAN Card. 
Some policyholders can feel confused about the mandatory requirements. The agents will help in opening the DMAT Accounts and link the PAN Card to it.
If you want to be part of The LIC IPO, get all the documents updated with the help of your agents. 
5● Anyone can purchase an LIC policy now also and claim the benefits of a POLICYHOLDER.
Want to be part of the policyholders quota ? Apply for an LIC Policy  today and you can avail of the 10% Policyholders Quota. 
Check all your policy documents on time, get them updated, take the help of your agents and you will be prepared for the LIC IPO.
Click here for detailed information 
Finally The Government has announced the LIC IPO for the retail investors. 
The bidding is open to the general public from 5th of May2022 to the 9th of May2022
Shares will be allotted on the 12th of May2022
and money will be returned to the account of those who have not been alloted the shares.
How to apply as a Policyholder of LIC ?
● The Government is offering the shares in the price band of ₹902 to ₹949 per share. 
● The shares are being offered to the policyholders at a discount of ₹60 per share.
● Investors can apply in lots.
● 1 lot equals 15 shares.
● An Investor can bid for a maximum of 14 lots of 210 shares.
● Minimum amount of investment will be ₹ 14235.
● A cap of ₹ 2 lakh is applicable on the maximum amount of investment. 

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