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One of my favorites, Dolce &Gabbana, The Only One.( From my personal collection)

Are you a fragrance buff searching for a sophisticated product?

Your search ends here. When you are all about luxury and sophistication, what better than the ultra smooth and saavy fragrance from the luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana!

Are you looking for a woody fragrance? If yes, Dolce & Gabbana, The Only One is what you should be considering. 


● Dolce &Gabbana, The Only One is a Eau De Parfum.

● If you love woody fragrance, this is a very sophisticated product. 

● The best Eau De Parfum for cocktail or gathering in the woody category ( my favorite)

● It is a product of France, the original house of the best perfumes.

● This product can be sold only by authorized Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Dealers, so you are assured a genuine product. 

● While purchasing an expensive perfume, the biggest worry is what if it a counterfeit? Well, here you don’t have to worry. You can check out their website or visit an authorized dealer. 

This is the original packaging ( front look)

This is the back look of the original packing 

● It is compact and the perfect gift for someone special. 

● This product is 30ml and can easily be carried in your handbag. Also, if you are traveling,  it won’t occupy much space. Also it has a secure lid so chances of spillage are not there.

Next time if you are looking for the perfect woody fragrance,you can try The Only One from Dolce &Gabbana. 

Click on this link to find out more about The Only One from Dolce &Gabbana

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