Review: What is Quiet Quitting?

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Striking a healthy work-life balance is the need of the hour.

The last two years of living with covid-19 has made people question employment as we know it.

As work from home became mandatory for the majority during the lockdowns, people were forced to introspect about their jobs and work in general. 

Work from home seemed a good alternative to many and they decided not to return to the atmosphere of work from office. 

This lockdown forced many to question the need for huge homes and a consumerist lifestyle. As people realized that living frugally was a doable option, taking on a stressful job lost it’s sheen.

As people realized that they were living extremely hectic lives leading to burnout at work, suddenly mass resignations were seen across many countries. 

People had started questioning whether the hectic lives were worth it? As corporations and businesses laid off employees who had put in their hard work and loyalty towards building these very entities without even batting an eyelid, it suddenly became evident to employees that most corporations and employers would sacrifice them for their profits.  

More so, salaries were slashed and employees were burdened with double work, it became unattractive to work in these circumstances. 

This triggered the great resignations. 

Suddenly, we are hearing about a new phenomenon , the Quiet Quitting. 


● Quiet Quitting phenomenon is being explained as working as little as possible. 

● It means you don’t have to quit your job but to work only towards the work assigned for you.

● Quiet Quitting is not about resigning your job, only taking things easy.

● As one has to have a basic salary to pay the bills and eat, resigning your job is not the solution. 

● People have decided to just put in the minimum work and not to take up extra work.

● It does not mean one is lazy, only taking up limited work. 

● Asking for overtime work is not part of Quiet Quitting. 

● If the boss gives extra work, people are refusing to do it.

● If the bosses are still trying to overburden the employees, they just ignore them.

● Part time work is also becoming very popular.  People want to work like on alternate days of the week and also limited hours per week.

● People are taking up employment that pays them enough to tide over monthly expenses and reducing the daily expenses of living.


● Overworked and underpaid employees have become disgruntled with the current employment scenario. 

● Work- life balance has got disturbed.

● People are realizing that the current employment structure leaves them no time to pursue any hobbies, passions and me-time.

● Due to spending endless hours at work and carrying office work home, relationships are getting destroyed. 

● People want to spend quality time with family and friends. 

● People want to spend more time with their spouses and children. 

● The pointless pursuit of larger houses, 30 year mortgages, debt to get shiny new cars and latest gadgets is loosing the charm for people as they are looking for meaningful life with less.

● This is making people opt for a job with less salary, less hours and less stress.

● Employees want less stressful positions at work. 

● They would rather get an average salary and a stress less job.

● Suddenly, climbing up the work ladder to reach the top positions has lost its charm as such ambitious plans mean immense personal sacrifice and a possible burnout. 

Take out time to enjoy the sunset! Embrace a relaxed, simple, unhurried lifestyle for the sake  of your mental and physical health. 


● Actually a few decades ago, this type of lifestyle was normal. 

● Personally, I remember my Father, Father’s Collegues, Uncles, Aunts and relatives working limited hours.

9 to 5 actually meant 9 to 5.

People were at their workplace at 9am and left at 5pm sharp. I hardly saw anyone take up extra work. 

Also, nobody brought work home.

As people are realizing, it’s better to live a frugal lifestyle with limited wants and needs, make life more about down time, passions, hobbies, family, friends,relationships and friendships, stressful jobs are giving way to limited work in less stressed work places.

● This mindset shift has taken place only due to covid-19. Otherwise, we would never have debated about reducing work and stress and carried on with the hectic pace of life.

● The fallout of the work from home culture has brought about a shift in perspective. 

● So, it can be said that we are actually embracing the lifestyle of bygone era by reducing the need to work mindlessly at a break neck speed which has led to a plethora of physical and mental issues. 

Quiet Quitting is possible of we reduce our needs and wants and embrace a minimal and frugal lifestyle. 

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