Rakshabhandhan Gift Ideas for Sisters

 Rakshabhandhan festival is celebrated all over India and among Indians spread in all corners of the World. 

You can buy these beautiful Rakhis on Amazon. 

Traditionally, it started with a sister asking for help and though there was no relation between both, the person promptly helped. The sister had sent a thread to the person, as to be tied to the wrist of the recipient, to ask for security. 

Over the years, this very emotional and affectionate festival is widely celebrated with a lot of zeal.

Rules of engagement;

● Sisters tie Rakhi( thread) on the wrist of the Brothers.

● Sisters tie Rakhi to Sisters. 

● In some communities  family members tie Rakhis to each other.

● It is not only for relatives.

● You can see people typing Rakhis to Prominent people,  beauracrats, Police Personnel,  Defence Personal, for their support. 

● People also tie Rakhis to Trees.

Basic gist is a bond of safety, assurance and affection. 

Among Sisters and Brothers, when a Rikhi is tied, the Brothers give a gift.

Now, gifts can be a sum of money, or a product that will be used by the sister. 

Every Brother gives gifts according to his affordability. Sisters arrange for a meal and nowadays give return gifts. This deepens the bond between the siblings.

The markets are flooded with products and it becomes very confusing to pick up the right gift.

Here is my list of gifts to make your task easy:


Self Care Products 

1● A  Good  Quality Yoga Mat( only buy anti-skid for her and it should have good cushion)

Give your sister motivation to start working out from the comfort of her home or park.

A good quality Yoga mat will ensure safety, comfort and durability. 

If you want your Sister to spend some time on herself, self care and health, this will be a very thoughtful gift.

You can easily buy it on Amazon or any sports store.

All the above Yoga mat pictures are from Amazon. Great discounts are being offered on Yoga mats on Amazon. 

As I am already using Yoga mat ,bought on Amazon, I am pleased with the cushion and anti skit varieties of these mats.

2● Good Quality Walking Shoes 

This shoe is from Sketchers (brand). Personally, I am fond of shoes from this brand as they are lightweight and very comfortable. 

Want your sister to be in good shape and health, right?

This will remind her to invest some time in herself. Remember, health is the ultimate wealth. 

A good quality pair of walking shoes will provide her comfort and support on her walks and increase her exercise experience manifolds.

Ask her about her shoe size or better, take her to the shoe shop. A lot of shops are offering very good sales for  Rakshabhandhan. You will definitely get a great deal.

Amazon is also offering great deals on the occasion of Rakshabhandhan. Definitely, check it out. 

All the above pictures are from Amazon. As I   regularly purchase walking shoes from Amazon, I am very satisfied. 

The quality is great, only you have to be sure about your shoe size. Amazon is offering great value for money and super discounts. 

Even brand stores like Nike, Reebok, Puma and Sketchers have sales for Rakshabhandhan. 

Check out the ongoing Myntra Fashion Carnival for great deals on shoes,clothes and accessories. 



All Indian women love a good saree collection. 

If your sister loves sarees, gift her a pure saree from Nalli, Indian saree brand.

This beautiful pure tissue saree from Nalli is a very special gift for me.

This was ordered online from the Nalli website.


You can click on the above link to order Nalli sarees. 

Amazon also has great discounts on Nalli sarees.

Meena Bazaar 

 Meena Bazaar is a saree shop chain  in India.

Over the years, it has grown into popularity with the youth.

Apart from the traditional pure sarees, it offers sarees in various textures and designs.  Their patterns and designs are varied and cater to all styles and moods.

Meena Bazaar also has Lehangas, suits, anarkali suits, sharara sets, garara sets, gowns in very stylish designs. 

If your sister loves to play with a mix of modern and traditional, Meena Bazaar is the place for her.

Gift her a saree or dress from Meena Bazaar this Rakshabhandhan. 

This exquisite  Yellow and silver tissue saree is from my personal collection. 

I bought it from one of the Meena Bazaar stores.

This pretty saree has fetched me compliments whenever I have worn it.

Pick up a saree in your sister’s favorite color from Meena Bazaar this  Rakshabhandhan! All saree stores have great sales going on for this occasion. 

Check out cool deals on their website 


Find all Meena Bazaar stores on their website and also about the cool deals for Rakshabhandhan. 

Meena Bazaar is offering flat 25% off on all stocks at The DLF Mall Of India, Noida. 

Meena Bazaar ships worldwide, so you can order for your sister, make sure you make the purchases on time!

You can get great discounts and deals on Amazon and Myntra and order online.

4● Kitchen Appliances 

Ovens, mixers, sandwich makers, microwave etc.

This might sound a bit cliché but trust me, I would love to get a kitchen appliance for Rakshabhandhan!

Over the years, even if you already have these appliances, they have to be replaced due to breakdowns. 

I was thrilled to get a brand new oven, as my old work horse( old oven) finely stopped working. As I love baking, the Murphy Richard Oven OTG 18 RSS suited my baking requirements and viola! I was finally back to baking. 

My precious OTG…

And the goodies I love to bake in it…..


 Pies….and so much more…

Seriously, ask your sisters if they need a home appliance, you won’t be disappointed. 

This OTG was bought online from Amazon and was on discount. Do check out sales online or in stores. All stores are giving heavy Rakshabhandhan discounts. 

Amazon is also giving great deals on appliances for Rakshabhandhan. 

5 ● Fresh Flowers and Hampers 

Everyone loves fresh flower bouquet and food hampers.

Check out online delivery services. These services are very efficient and ship flowers,gifts,hampers to the destinations with great professionalism. 

Do try online delivery services to send gifts to your sisters. 

Here, I can suggest fernsnpetals, as I am a regular customer of this brand.

This beautiful bouquet was ordered from fernsnpetals. 

Fernsnpetals delivers in India and Abroad.

Do place your order on time.

Order fresh flower bouquet, chocolate hampers, customized gifts,plants, customized hampers, cakes and pamper your sister. 

You can order by clicking on this link 


Happy Rakshabhandhan 😊 

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