My Real Life Experience Of Grofers

 I would like to share my real experience of Grofers, India’s largest low price online supermarket that enables it’s customers to order a wide range of products across categories like Grocery, Beverages, Snacks, Household Care, Pet Care, Home, Kitchen and Furnishings. 


I have been using Grofers for the past 2 years, so now I am in a position to talk about my experience. 

* Best thing is the WIDE VARIETY of products Grofers offers at REASONABLE PRICE and DOORSTEP DELIVERY. 

* I SAVE  A  LOT OF MONEY due to low prices. SAVING MONEY IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for every household. 

* Grofers offers very ATTRACTIVE SALES, DEALS and CASHBACK Throughout the year. 

* SUPER SAVER DEALS can SAVE a lot of MONEY  and I have got quality stuff in very reasonable amount. 

* I have always got very GOOD QUALITY PRODUCTS and no damaged goods till now. This is my experience, it could be different for others. 

* I have always got ON TIME DELIVERY due to CONVENIENT TIME SLOTS. Once in a while, The Delivery Agent came earlier than the allotted time. Luckily, for me, it was not an issue, as I was at home. This could be an issue with others if there is no one at home.

* CONVENIENT ON LINE PAYMENT through various payment options has made the shopping  experience very smooth for me. I don’t have to worry about cash and run to the Bank or ATM all the time. I don’t have to have to exact change, which is always problematic for me.

* Grofers offers free delivery of products on purchase of orders above 200rs. 

* I am very happy with SMART BACHAT CLUB, a Grofers Membership Program, with EXTRA SAVING BENEFITS and PRIORITY DELIVERY. 

* During this Covid-19 pandemic we are all worried about what enters our house. Grofers has addressed this issue with TRANSPARENT PACKAGING of items, WELL SEALED AND TAMPER PROOF. Of course items that come in ice box are loose, but they can be sanitized. 

* My experience of Fresh fruits  vegetables, Dairy products and Bakery items has been good so far .

* A few times, maybe due to unavailability of a certain product, an alternative item has been sent, without informing me. I have returned it without any problem so far.

* DELIVERY AGENTS follow STRICT COVID PROTOCOL and adhere to all rules.


My personal experience with Grofers so far has been very positive. Doorstep, contact less delivery has been of great help during this covid-19 pandemic. I have saved a lot of money due to the various deals. I will continue to shop with them due to good quality check and ontime delivery of goods. 

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