*We have all struggled with gathers at the waist and messy drapes with sarees!

* ZIWAME MERMAID SAREE SHAPEWEAR is the solution to all my saree issues. 

* I found the fabric soft, light stretchable and breathable. 

* Forget the messy draping, this shapewear gives a curvy shape to the hips, abdomen and thighs due to high compression. 

* It has high elastic waistband for holding the weight of heavy sarees. Some people complain that it does not hold their sarees. Actually, they don’t wear the right size. If you order the correct size, this issue will not be there. Zivame shapewear comes in various sizes from small to 2XL.

* I found,  the slit in the shapewear made it very convenient to walk and dance in. 

* It does not show under the saree so you can feel comfortable. 

*Ziwame shapewear can easily be ordered online. It also offers an easy exchange or return policy. 

* Attractive deals are offered regularly. I got mine at 50 percent off and saved a lot of money 

* With so many attractive colors, it’s so convenient as you don’t have to go to the market to get matching petticoats or rush to the tailors. 

* During the pandemic, getting the shapewear at home is so convenient!

* I found that Ziwame Mermaid Shapewear has given me ease, a sleek well draped look and high comfort level. 

* I definitely recommend this very useful and convenient product. 

You can shop online by clicking on this link 

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