Easy tips for Diwali cleaning

 Too busy for Diwali cleaning?

Getting overwhelmed with all the work?

Don’t know where to start?

All the work seems like a mountain and you feel lost?

Here are a few tips to make life easier for you and also achieve your Diwali cleaning goals. 

1. Do not worry too much. See you already do the day to day cleaning, right? So, think of Diwali cleaning as just that.

2. Do not listen to people who keep talking and asking about Diwali cleaning. Remember, this is an individual journey and not a race. To each his or her own.

3. It’s not the end of the world. Do whatever you can and leave the rest. 

4. If it’s a family setting, involve all members to contribute. After all it’s their home. Assign cleaning and organizing tasks according to individual capability. 

5. If you are lucky to have full-time house help, good for you. If it’s a part-time house help, they will be in a hurry as they juggle many homes. You might not be satisfied with their efforts. Don’t forget to tip them generously as it’s s festival of sharing and giving. 

6. See,you don’t have to do the entire routine of painting the entire house if it is not required. It’s better to take precautions during covid times. Don’t start any major repairs as labor will not be available. 

7. Decluttering is a very good idea to make space in your home.It infuses a freshness and makes the home look neat and tidy.

8. Very pretty organizers are available on Amazon. You can order a few. It will make the family members enthusiastic and your task easy 

9. Ask all family members to go through their cupboards and donate all items they do not use. It will be very satisfying to give away to the needy and a lesson in gratitude. The organizers can be used to catch items like toys, books, random stuff, clothes, newspapers etc. It will instantly give an organized look to your home. 

10. Try to use up all the ingredients in the pantry before ordering more grocery. Pay attention to the kitchen counters and tidy them up. Put all items neatly in their proper place. Amazon offers a variety of kitchen racks and shelves which can help you achieve a neat look. Also, if you want to transform the look of your kitchen, try tile stickers. They are affordable and easy to use. 

11.Use up all items in the fridge and dispose all old food items. Thoroughly scrub the fridge before restocking. 


Scrub the washrooms thoroughly . Amazon will make it easy with the easy tile cleaners and organizing racks. You can transform the look of your washrooms instantly. In the evening, lighting an aroma candle will add spunk.

13. Who says you need to buy all new linen for Diwali. Be practical, buy only if you have planned it. No need to go beyond your budget. Definitely you already have a large stockpile of bedsheets, towels, bedcovers, tablecloths, hand towels etc. Just wash and iron them. Nothing can compare with freshly washed crisp linen. Save your hard-earned money.

14. Your regular sweeping, mopping and dusting  routine will make your home sparkle. You can get a modern and easy cleaning system from Amazon to make your task easy.

15. If you have cash to spare and want to hire a professional cleaning service,  you can contact them and book their services. But do it immediately as they are very busy during the festival season. 

www.urban company. Com



These are a few services you can checkout . They have good reviews and satisfied customers. 

16. Finally, decorate your home with diyas,fairy Lights, rangoli, bandhanwars, Marigold flowers, satisfaction and smiles. These steps will ensure a stunning and inviting home. 

Remember, not to get too caught up with the cleaning routines. There is absolutely no need for heightened tempers and disharmony. 

Do keep your sense of humor intact and make it a fun activity. After all it’s supposed to be a positive venture and not something to be endured. 

Happy Cleaning,Happy Diwali 👍😊

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