The Iphone 11 review

 Apple is no doubt a very well known name in the industry of smart phones. The very fact that they have the best of phones says it all.

For anyone who has been an Apple user will know its worth. They no doubt have had very smart and robust phones. I have used iPhone before and decided to upgrade from 7plus to iPhone 11 and I am very happy with my purchase.

  • Iphone 11 has far better battery life with A13 bionic chips faster processor than any of the phones it has launched before. Even though the iPhone 11 series also includes iPhone pro but I feel that iPhone 11 is equally better for reasons like the new ultra wide camera, night mode for better low-light photography as well as powerful performance.
  • For me iPhone 11 is a winner compared to iPhone pro. The phone is everything you will need. It comes in 6 colours black,red,green,purple,white and yellow.
  • DESIGN- The iPhone 11 has a glossy glass back. It is made up of glass and according to apple it is more durable than any other models in the past. It is water resistant for 30 minutes for upto few depths. It has 2 cameras in the back,this has 2, one is wide angle and an ultra wide angle (new one). It is a very classy looking device.
  • SPECIFICATIONS- iPhone 11 is of 5.94×2.98×0.33 inches with 6.1 inch LCD display with a resolution of 1,792×828. The storage of the phone comes in 64gb,128gb and 256gb. With the A-13 chip includes central processing unit, graphics processing unit and an image signal processor. Apple has claimed that chip leads to a longer battery life and is very power efficient. In the wireless aspect, it has a claim of gigabit Lte and Bluetooth S.D with the UI chip, it makes the phone location aware in relation to other wireless devices nearby.
  • BATTERY LIFE- The power efficiency of the A13 makes it last for 15 hours and 20 minutes. For light users it could last for more than a day and for heavy users it does manage to last whole day with some battery remaining. The iPhone comes with 5W adapter which makes the charging slow. It should have been provided with a new generation charger. So it’s better to support it with faster charger for better experience.
  • CAMERA- The most improvement in iPhone 11 is in the camera. A new ultra wide camera with a improved wide camera sensor, it is this which has lead to the night mode. The night mode is a very successful feature in iPhone 11 as it captures mind blowing pictures with goof colour accuracy. The camera automatically activates night mode when it detetects low light conditions. Also the night mode is only available in wide camera and not the ultra wide camera. Both the wide and ultra wide sensors have the same resolution, but the former performs better in low light. The selfie mode has improved with 12 megapixel sensor and a lens that has a wider field of view. A new feature has also been added which is the audio loom which is to match the audio to the forming of the video.
  • DISPLAY- Display wise iPhone 11 is identical to the iPhone XR with a 6.1 inch, LCD panel which is best in terms of colour,accuracy, brightness and viewing angles.
IPhone 11 is a very good option if you are considering an upgrade. The improvement in camera is a major reason as well as the new processing chip. Looks wise it’s very elegant and classy. It also focuses on the privacy and security of the user than any other phones do. Apart from 5W adapter I didn’t find any con in it. But overall this iPhone is a major evolution in the range of Apple phones.

( A Guest Post by Tanvi Singh)
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