Easy, no fuss shopping for Diwali

 Are you feeling rushed during the run-up  for Diwali?

No time to go Diwali decoration shopping?

Worried about crowded markets and traffic?

Here, I have compiled a list of reasonably priced Diwali  Decorative items you can order online from Amazon, from the comfort and safety of your home!

1. The India Style Elephant T-Light Candle Holder Stand with Wax Candles. 

Looks very smart, gives the perfect Diwali touch,to your decor.

Items: T-Lights, Assorted Hathi. 

Price: ₹246(for 6)

            ₹420(for 12)

            ₹147(for 2)

Sold by The India Style,delivered by Amazon.

2. Craft Vatika Tulsi Diya 🪔 


Handmade Earthen Clay Terracotta Decorative Diya,with wax Candles. 

Price: ₹299(8piece)



Delivered by Amazon. 

3. Saudeep India  Decorative  Matki  Diyas 🪔 


matki shaped diyas to light up your home perfectly on Diwali. 

Price: ₹228(10 piece)

4. Diwali Diya 🪔 

Items: pretty Terracotta Decorative Diya. 

Price: ₹369

5. Collectable India Laxmi Ganesh Saraswati Idol Diya.

Item: Very attractive oil lamp with all three deities. 

Price: ₹549

6. Fairy Lights 

Item: XERGY  20 meter 200 LED waterproof Fairy  Decorative stary string lights. 

2M USB powered 

 (3 copper wires, premium quality) warm white-Home DIY, Decorative lights. 

Price: ₹579

7. Niyamax Diyas 

Item: 114 LED, 12 Diyas, Curtain string lights, with 8 flashing modes.

2.5 meter(6+6 Diya) warm white.

Price: ₹699(12 diyas)


8. Toran.


Yalambar Decorative Bandhanwar Toran Door Hanging. 

Looks very attractive, will change the look of the home entrance. 

Price: ₹299

9. SPHINX  Artificial Marigold Fluffy Flowers garland. 

Item: Marigold flowers door toran. 

This will give a very traditional look to your Diwali decoration. 

Price: ₹649

10. Dolphin Acrylic Rangoli sticker for floor.

Item: ready made 

plastic rangoli for Diwali decoration. 

Price: ₹309(Taj design)

           ₹ 299(Mango design)

           ₹ 299(Diya design)

No need for messy rangoli! Just peel and stick wherever you want and enjoy Diwali.

HURRY and order these items on AMAZON .These are all on very good discount and save money. RUSH and get the items before  they are over. 


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