REVIEW: SUTA: A fusion of Modern Minimalism and Nostalgic Tradition

 About Suta

* Suta is the dream enterprise of two young and talented sisters. The duo are extremely passionate about their work , in fact they have also adopted entire weaver families. This philosophy of mixing business and ensuring fare wage has made the brand very popular. 

My Personal Experience Of Suta Blouses 

* I ordered my first Suta blouse a bit tentatively and was amazed at the perfect fit.

* Satisfied,  I immediately ordered a couple of more blouse.

* The blouses are well stitched, well fitted and comfortable. 

* The blouse come in very attractive styles, like sleeveless, with sleeves, padded, non padded, backless, collared , halter,frilled etc. 

* Very good quality, natural fabric is used to craft the blouse. Fabrics like Cotton, Brocade, Raw silk, Velvet, Kalamkari, Ikat  are used to make the very elegant blouse. 

The blouse are sassy, youthful, bohemian, classy and peppy.

* I found the blouse high in comfort level, does not shift, no worries about adjusting it all the time!

* Gone are the numerous trips to the market to buy the blouse material and detailed explanations to the tailors about the cut and fit I need, hoping he is able to understand. 

* Of course, this is my personal experience. Some are equally comfortable with the market trips and darzi. So, to each her own!

* Suta offers blouse in various styles. Also they can customize them according to your style ideas and fabrics. 

* The stitching is very even and solid. Very good quality of zips,hooks and other embellishments are used. 

* I am happy that I can mix and match the blouse with a number of sarees and arrive at my personal style. 

* I found the pricing to be reasonable. Nowadays, if you source the material and get the blouse stitched at a decent boutique, it will cost the same.

* Many people have doubts about the fit. I don’t have a fitting issue. Actually, you have to be very accurate about your size. The blouse come in various size. You can also get them customized. 

*Not everyone will be satisfied as we are all different with our own level of comfort. Personally I feel it’s worth it and recommend it to anyone interested in ready-made blouse. 

Suta, as a brand is environmentally friendly and conscious about a zero plastic policy. 

All my products have come secured in cloth bags( Jhola). 

As ,India has banned all single use plastic and more restrictions are to follow for the betterment of the environment, Suta as a brand is already following a very positive role.

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