Product Review: IFB Model: 30SC4 Microwave Oven

 Are you looking for the perfect, easy to handle, microwave oven this festival season? 

Amazon has a great offer for you. The Great India Festival offer is giving 27% off on IFB Microwave Oven, Model:30SC4. 

This 30 Litres, 18.4kg Microwave Oven will cost you 12,999rs. It’s original price on Amazon is 17,690.

As I have been using this product for sometime now, here are a few plus points. 

* It fits my kitchen counter perfectly. 

* look and design is appealing. 

* Display is simple and user friendly. 

* I got it for a great price.

* Easy to handle with simple instructions. 

* Easy to maintain and clean. 

* Simple cooking instructions. 

* Easy, quick recipes can be made with 4 modes of cooking. 

* It comes with 4 modes of cooking:

1 Microwave 

2 Grill 

3 Convection 

4 Combination 

* Combination cooking is : Microwave +Grill,  Microwave +Convection 

* Multistage Cooking:

The Oven can be programmed for upto 3 automatic cooking sequences to help you make a number of dishes conveniently. 

* The Microwave Oven comes with a number of Microwave proof dishes, idli moulds,pizza, pappad,sandwich stand,measuring cup etc so you can start using it immediately. 

* The recipe book

that comes with it has easy to follow instructions so you can start making your favorite mouthwatering dishes. 

* You can check and compare the prices on Amazon.  This festival season I would recommend this Microwave Oven as a useful product. 

* The Great India Festival on Amazon is offering  

The Best Deal on this Microwave. Here I have posted a few mouthwatering dishes that I have cooked recently. I am sure you will find this Microwave easy to handle and operate. Happy cooking!

Idli in 3 minutes 

● Press Power Settings 

Press H-1

● Settings,  3 minutes 

● Idlis are ready

● Wait for 5 minutes( before uncovering)

● Enjoy fresh hot idli 

● Always cover n cook

● The container should have a little water

Enjoy with fresh Podi Powder. 

Roast, add salt and grind in mixie. 

Enjoy easy Microwave 3 minutes idli with Chutney, Sambar or Podi. 

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