Remodel your home: Budget Ideas

 Whenever we see a fancy house in a magazine or an advertisement showcasing an opulent place, we want to give our home a makeover. 

We all want a change, a fresh outlook to our surroundings as it makes us feel happy, energetic and satisfied. 

You don’t have to break the bank for giving your space a new, fresh look. Any place can be refurbished and refreshed without spending at all. Actually, sky is the limit. If you feel you have the spare cash or want a professional to do the job, there are agencies who can get the job done.

Here, I have a few tips to give your home a DIY makeover, without spending money or just a minimal amount. 

1. The easiest is Change The Cushion Covers. 

This will immediately give your home a brand new look. Keep changing Cushion covers based on colours,patterns and fabrics. Firstly, see what you already own. Try to mix and match them. Use your creative skills and transform your living space. 

Here are a couple of pics from my collection to give you an idea. One is of cute birds to bring in nature as these birds uplift my mood. Another one is for the festive cheer. Dark , rich hues with a little detailing immediately set the place for entertaining and festive days. 

2. Create a Focal point.

This can be done in all rooms. You don’t need to do much. As in most homes, the living area has a dominant TV unit and that is a basic focal point. 

Try to decorate a corner or a portion of a wall with personal pictures ,fairy lights and bric a brac.

Display your various collections by putting like objects together on the basis of themes, patterns,textures,odds and ends.

This is a part of an old handcrafted stoneware collection from Rajasthan that I use to create soothing earthy themes for my home. Similarly, you can use anything old to add character to your space.

You will be pleasantly surprised as to how much you already possess and use it without spending a penny. 

Here, I am posting a picture of things I managed to collect ,to use later for creating my living room focal point. 

Interesting , isn’t it? Not only does it give my space a quirky feel, I have the satisfaction of reusing things I already possess without spending a penny. Definitely, they are a great conversation piece as each has a story behind it. 

3. New curtains. 

Well, change only if you have to. Indian markets  have a large variety of pocket friendly options. If you have to purchase, best option is to buy running material and get them stitched. Faux silks, breezy cottons, block prints look very appealing and they are not very expensive. If you have old sarees and do not want to wear them, get a good tailor to transform them into statement curtains. 

4. Runners can transform the look of any surface. 

Dining area, coffee tables, chests and various other areas can be transformed without much effort and spending anything. 

I gave my coffee table a festive look by adding a runner and some fairy lights. This trick transformed the space. 

5. Rearrange the furniture. 

This way you can transform any space without spending a penny. 

For shifting heavy items, take some help. Small size and light furniture can be easily moved to another area. 

This is the best trick to transform any space. 

6. Switch the carpets around. 

Play musical chairs with the carpets! Move the living room ones to the bedroom and vice versa. 

Use small ones to create cozy corners with strategically creating well defined sitting nooks. 

No need to spend any money with this tip.

7. No need to buy new sofa sets if they are in good condition. 

Sofa sets and other furniture items are expensive. 

You can transform them by either changing the upholstery or adding a dash of new paint. 

8. Your Bed Headboards can be transformed by adding new paint and patterns. Or you can replace the headboard without buying a new bed.

9. Add a dash of green.  For those of us who live in apartments, adding a few well painted pots with lush green plants can bring in the much needed outdoors. 

Highlighting the greens with strategically placed lights and also fairy lights can give a dramatic look.

Fresh flowers can easily uplift any space. So, go ahead and add a splash of colour. 

10. Lamps are a game changer.

If you already have a few lamps, you can change the shades. Plenty of affordable shades are available in the market nowadays. This will dramatically change the look of your home.

11. Mirrors. 

Framed mirrors can give your space a lot of visual depth and drama. They can be used in different styles. 

12. Use whatever is available at home.

Over the years I have collected various bronze figurines and they are displayed all over my house to add a feel of a handmade home.

Do an inventory of your space. You will be surprised by your possessions. Try DIY by using your creativity. Transform old trunks and chests by painting them. Add plants and lamps, old textiles, old pictures and artwork to your living space. This way you can reduce your budget and get a fresh look. 

These are tips I have frequently used to transform my home.

For those who would like to get a professional to transform their space there are quite a few reasonably priced Home solutions available like

For reasonably priced Decor items, Amazon is a budget friendly option. 

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