Easy Valentine Day Table Setting Ideas


Hi, I have created a few simple and elegant table settings for Valentines Day celebrations 🍾 πŸ’• 

Here, I have used items that were already present at home. 

I will be posting a few pictures in this blog to give you an idea as to how you can mix and match things at home to create a beautiful setting for the perfect Valentines Day ambience 

Here are a few things that I have put together:

❀ A piece of red velvet fabric ( have owned it for many years) You can look for any red,pink or your favorite colour pre-owned fabric/ table cloth/ even a bed cover can do. Ultimately, creativity matters.

❀  I have created various looks by using different glasses. Also, I added a decanter and icebucket. 

❀ To give the arrangement an assembled look, I used a platter.  This has given a definition to the setting. 

❀ A string of fairy lights adds a dreamy look. 

❀  I have chosen a small size table that does not take much space.  It can fit comfortably in a corner. 

❀  As you can see, I have added a red lantern, instead of the decanter and ice bucket. Also, here I changed the glasses.

❀ The fabric has been left flowing so as to give a royal, ethereal look. 

You don’t have to purchase decor items for all occasions. 

Just look out for things already in the house and use them imaginatively. 


❀ Your decor will be unique 

❀ You will save money 

❀ You will get complements 

❀ You can save time and effort by not purchasing new things 

❀ Repurposing your stuff will give you satisfaction 

❀ As occasion decor is thrown away after the event is over, you can contribute by not generating waste.

❀ Your home will not be cluttered and you don’t have to find storage for it.

❀ Your steps will inculcate a mindset shift in your family and they will learn to use things efficiently. 

❀ Occasions should be about relationships and family, not purchasing unnecessary things. 

So, use your creativity this Valentines Day and decorate your home in your unique style. 

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