REVIEW: Haldiram Traditional Indian Wedding Sweet and Savory Box : Return Gift


The Perfect Return Gift for Wedding Guests

Traditional Indian Sweets and Savory Hamper

History of Traditional Indian Wedding Sweets

There is a very strong tradition behind these Traditional Indian Wedding sweets. In ancient times, people covered vast distances to attend weddings. The journey had to be planned for months. Weddings were occasions when along with relatives and the wedding party, the married daughters came home to attend the wedding. 

Traditional Indian Wedding Sweets were freshly made at home where the wedding had to take place. Also at the home of the Groom for the entire village. It was a huge carnival like ambience when Halwai( Traditional Indian Cooks) prepared various mouthwatering dishes,  Sweets and Savory items in bulk.

These preparations took days and was a huge logistics exercise. These Sweets and Savory items were consumed at the wedding and distributed all over the village. In fact, in olden times, the entire village was invited to the wedding. As, everyone depended on each other, it was celebrated together. 

Hampers of these Traditional Indian Wedding Sweets and Savory items were given as return gifts. Huge Hampers were also given to relatives and married daughters to take home. The generous amount of Sweets and Savouries lasted many months and showed the affection of the hosts. 

The scientific reason behind these Sweets and Savory items was

1● These Sweets and Savouries do not require refrigeration. 

They can last for upto 3 months easily without refrigeration. It makes it very popular as refrigeration is not always an option. 

2● It could be consumed during long journeys as an instant source of energy and did not require any cooking and cleaning. 

3● During ancient times  people traveled long distances by bullock carts or camel carts. These Sweets And Savouries were the perfect food for rough times and long journeys.

Over the centuries, a lot has changed. New and fast modes of transportation and communication has revolutionized our lifestyle. 

Even wedding Sweets have seen a huge change. With refrigeration, Sweets made of milk products have flooded the markets. These Sweets and chocolates have become common as return gifts for weddings. The drawback of these Sweets is their limited shelf life and need of refrigeration. 

The Traditional Indian Sweets and Savory items are still very popular in rural areas. I am a big fan and prefer these Traditional items. Personally, Traditional Sweets and Savory Indian Hampers were given away during my daughter’s wedding as I wanted a touch of Tradition. 

Since childhood, these have been my favorite. So I made sure everyone got a dabba( box)

India is a very diverse country and each region has its Traditional Sweets and Savory items. Here, I am focusing on North Indian popular items.

Some of the popular sweets are

1● Laddu

Traditionally made of boondi(fried minute balls of flour) The boondi is packed tightly to form balls(laddu)

Boondi, besan(gram flour) and atta(wheat flour with dry fruit) are popular laddu varieties. 

2● Shakkar Para and Gur Para

These are again very popular and tasty. 

3● Thick Jalebi and Imarti( These are rounds with some syrup inside) Not everyone can make them as they are quite technical. 

4● Barfi

Besan barfi is most popular and lasts longest. These are sweet squares. 

Popular Savory items 

1● Mathri( fried flat bread made of flour) It can be enjoyed with tea or pickles.

2● Namkeen Para.

The Savory items are to balance out the Sweets.

Here, I have only mentioned the most common items. There are plenty of other tid bits. 

Though, The Halwai makes the best snacks, various retailers have started offering boxes of Traditional Indian Sweets and Savouries as return gifts.

I recently attended a wedding in my family and got a box of Traditional Sweets and Savouries. 

This box of Traditional Indian Sweets and Savory items is from a popular Indian Retail store, Haldiram. 

Haldiram has a vast collection of various Sweets and Savouries. They are very particular about taste and hygiene. All Sweets come in attractive boxes. These boxes are perfect for gifting purposes. 

Haldiram is a famous name all over the World . They have a vast network and supply all across the Globe. 

These Traditional Indian Wedding Sweets and Savouries are worth a try. Personally, they are my favorite and I am committed to keep the tradition alive.

If you want to sample these Sweets and Savory items, click here for more information.

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