Get Inspired: Reuse your Mother’s and Grandmother’s Sarees

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Fall in love again with your Mother’s and Grandmother’s sarees.

This beautiful Banarasi Saree belonged to my dear mother. It was a part of her Trousseu. She gave it to me when I got married. I wore it with great pride. When my daughter got married, I gave it to her. She was thrilled to have it. Like me, she has inherited the love for beautiful fabrics and plans to fluant it on various occasions with great pride.

While growing up we have looked with awe and wonder at your Mother’s and Grandmother’s sarees.

It was a delightful experience to see them take  out the beautiful sareesfrom trunks and closets. They were put in the sun carefully twice in an year and folded neatly before returning them to their places.

Home made pouches of spices were placed alongside to prevent mold and fungus. I remember my mother using sandalwood powder pouches and her sarees were always fragrant.

The sarees were carefully kept and we were told that we would inherit them one day. Also, I remember my Mother dressing up for a wedding or an occasion. I would sit in awe as the beautiful sarees were draped transforming my mother into a diva.

I was lovingly given a few sarees by my mom from her personal collection, apart from new ones, when I got married. 

I have done the same for my daughter. She has inherited my love for reusing vintage sarees. I have passed on Mother’s and sarees from my personal collection to my daughter. She has donned them from time to time with great pride and garners huge complements.

Reasons to include Old, Vintage, hand me down sarees while building up your saree collection:

1● Old sarees or fabric has Character

If you have been to museums, you must have definitely admired the old collection of sarees,outfits and textiles. 

Old sarees have an undeniable charm and character.

The very fact that they have survived the elements for decades and still going strong and resilient, makes you admire the tenacity of old fabric still maintaining its sheen and various types of embroidery.

Spread the sarees, gently feel the texture, admire its soft fall and grace. Appreciate any embroidery, pallu and tassels. This will take you back in time and make you marvel as to who must have made this piece of sheer wonder.

This is enough to make you motivated to wear it. 

2● A sense of Pride

Wearing a saree worn by your mother or grandmother is bound to instill in you a sense of pride.

Sarees are a very sentimental affair In all households. So, the very fact that you were passed on the sarees is in itself a big thing. 

Adorning your beloved mother’s or Grandmother’s sarees is also a statement in itself. 

So, wear the sarees with pride and flaunt them during weddings or important occasions. 

3● Sentimental value. 

A great sentimental value is attached to sarees jn India. 

They are loved and kept with great care so they can be passed down to the next generation. 

Wedding shopping and truossaouo shopping in India is incomplete without sarees. 

Sarees are displayed with great pride and kept to be passed on to daughters and granddaughters. 

Wearing a saree that belonged to your Mother or Grandmother has a sentimental value.

4● It is a great lesson for your children. 

If you wear the sarees with pride and explain its history to the children, they in turn will appreciate vintage clothes and feel a sense of pride in using them.

Reuse, relove,repurpose, upcycle can be applied here and this will help the children understand the uniqueness of preserving clothes. 

You can take your children to museums and show them the exhibits about old clothing. 

This will make them see old clothes from a different perspective and they will be more appreciative of old, vintage clothes. 

Overall, to use old clothes by giving them a fresh look is all about sustainability. 

How to wear Old sarees or use old textiles. 

● If possible, wear them as they are. 

Check them thoroughly for any wear and tear. If they are fine, use them in their original form.

Wear them for wedding and different occasions when ever you want a unique look. Remember, you will stand out as there is no chance of anyone wearing the same design. 

● For slight wear and tear get them mended by the drycleaner. They have professionals to do the needful. 

● If you feel the color looks faded or it has got a few stains due to the long duration of the time it has been around, ask the drycleaner, if it is possible to dye it in a new color. 

● In case the damage is very evident and it can’t be salvaged, try to use portions of it to create other outfits.

● Sarees and fabrics can be turned into other outfits with a little bit of creativity. 

You can turn them into lehengas, kurtas, shararas, gararas, jackets, skirts, tops etc.

They can also be cut into scarves, cushion covers, curtains and the embroidery can be framed to add a classy touch to your walls.

Here, creativity is key. In a World of use and throw, using old ,vintage fabrics and textiles is like a breath of fresh air. 

You can stand apart in these clothes and shun the assembly line products that have flooded the markets. 

Choose sustainability over fast fashion. Reusing old, vintage clothes can add panache that assembly line clothes can’t match.  Stand apart and flaunt old sarees with aplomb and pride. Believe me, it’s the ultimate fashion statement. Don’t be surprised to see others getting inspired!

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