Exquisite Handmade Shawls from Kashmir

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 This post is about shawls from Kashmir. Here, I will give you a glimpse of a few shawls from my personal collection. Some have been with me for more than 30 years. It is absolutely magical that they still look brand new. With some love, attention and care, I have managed to retain their original look and feel. 


Here are my 5 personal favorites:

1● Woolen shawl with multicolored exquisite embroidery 

This shawl has been with me for the past 35 years. The base is cream and the embroidery has been done with wool. The shawl is woolen and handmade. The embroidery looks brand new and I get lots of compliments whenever I wear it. I have decided to pass on this shawl to my adult daughter for her to enjoy its warmth and beauty. Over the years, it required a couple of stitches here and there and had to be drycleaned every year, otherwise it has remained the same as the time it was bought by me.

This beautiful woolen embroidered shawl has been my personal favorite and now it will adorn my daughter. Both of us believe in sustainable fashion and supporting cottage industries. We make things last till they fall apart and then upcycle them.

So this beautiful shawl will always be a part of us and keep us warm and cozy for many more years to come. 

2● Red, green and cream hand woven woolen shawl. 

This is a very warm, hand woven woolen shawl. It has woven Paisley designs which look absolutely stunning. Again, this piece has been with me for the past 10 years. It has retained its colours and sheen till this date. I have been using it regularly.  Occasionally, I sun it and it requires to be drycleaned before storing. It is again one of my favorites and has kept me warm and cozy in the winters. 

3● Black woolen shawl with overall embroidery. 

This is again a hand woven shawl. It has a black base with intricate embroidery all over. Chinar leaves look absolutely stunning and the jaal(all over delicate embroidery) makes it irresistible.

Chinar leaves can be found on all shawls and look amazing. This shawl has a beautifully embroidered pattern on both ends.

This looks absolutely awesome when worn at an event in the evenings.  It can easily be carried over any attire with grace.

4● Pashmina embroidered shawl 

This is a beautiful Pashmina embroidered shawl. Pashmina shawls are handwoven using wool from Pashmina sheep, a local breed. Pashmina shawls are a little expensive, but will last a lifetime and are considered heirlooms.

This is again a 15 year old shawl and still looks new. You can feel the luxury of the Pashmina wool and the exquisite embroidery makes you feel amazing. 

This is one of my priced possessions and I enjoyed its warmth and beauty for many years. Again it has to be drycleaned before storing. A plain Pashmina shawl can easily be handwashed in cold water, but I get the embroidered ones drycleaned. 

This shawl has a light grey base with intricate light pink embroidery at the edges. 

5● Red woolen hand woven embroidered shawl 

This is a beautiful hand woven woolen stole. It gas a red base and beautiful Kashmiri embroidery.  It has been a part of my collection for the past 12 years. Till date, it looks absolutely new. It gives a very smart and rich feel to all outfits.

So, these are a few pieces from my collection of shawls.  These have been my favorites and have been taken care to be enjoyed forever. These are indeed heirloom pieces that can ba passed on to your loved ones to be enjoyed and appreciated. They are indeed worth every penny.

Kashmir shawls make great gifts and soviners. Purchasing them can help locals earn a decent living and keep the traditional art alive.

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