8 Easy Calm Decor Ideas

 Hi Friends, In a World full of overwhelm and chaos, we are looking for an oasis of peace and quiet.

Here, I can help you transform your home into a peaceful sanctuary with these simple home decor ideas.

These ideas do not require you to overspend. In fact, first, look around your home and make the most of what’s available. 

My purpose is to help you give your home a simple makeover by creating a corner,a nook, a niche, a centrepiece or a no fuss arrangement that gives a soothing and calm atmosphere. 

Personally, I have created a habit of placing a Decor item at the Entryway which has a calming effect on my mood as I leave my home or return home. Just looking at it transforms my mood and relaxes me completely. 

Here are 5 simple ideas you can use to create a sense of peace and calm in your home.

1● A Buddha Statue with floating flowers.

I have placed a Buddha statue and a bowl of water with floating flowers on a table in the living room. It gives a very comforting vibe to the area.
It is not necessary to have any statue. Just creating a simple flower arrangement with fresh flowers will create a calm ambience. 
2● Floating Flowers 
Here, I have replaced the statue with just the floating flowers. 

Use any flowers that you have. In case you don’t have access to fresh flowers, even artificial ones will do. Point is to create a visually appealing decor to perk up our spirits. 

While writing this blog post, I had just a few lavender colored cresanthimums and a few pink roses. So I decided to use them to illustrate my point. I am a big supporter of using whatever is available and spending as little as possible. 
3● Another Buddha statue and a single Rose. 
This is a very Minimalistic arrangement. It urges you to find happiness in bare minimum. Focus of this arrangement is to do away with all access baggage, physical and emotional. 

I am sure, looking at this decor will fill you with a sense of peace. The appeal of this arrangement makes you want to do away with all the clutter and derive happiness with less. 
Again,  this is a very personal asthetic. You do not have to use any statues. Here, I am sharing my creative ideas with whatever is available in my home. 
4● Candles and calmness. 
This arrangement has been put together with some tea lights and a few simple decor items that I already have at home.
Simple decorations can bring a sense of peace and calm to any space. Here, candles have been used for a night calm atmosphere. 

Lighting earthern lamps also infuse a sense of well-being and calmness. 

5● Flowers and Candles. 
Here, I have just added a floating candle to the flowers arrangement and it has created a soothing night ambience. It looks absolutely magical. 

6● Gentle Elephants or any other friends from the animal and bird kingdom. 
There is something innately soothing about these beautiful fellow beings.
I use my gentle Elephant hand embroidered cushion covers from Kashmir for motivation and calmness. They bring a smile to my face and soothe my frayed nerves. 
Try these simple ideas to transform your home into an island of peace and calm.

These beautiful majestic Elephants never fail to inspire me. So, if you have any pictures or decor with nature, do not feel shy to display them.

These Gentle Animal figurines are so pleasant to look at. I simply love to have them around and never feel lonely in their company. 

7● Display Vintage Inspiring Pieces Of Handcrafted Hairlooms 
My exceptionally talented Mother never ceases to motivate me.
Educator, singer, sitar player, writer, PhD holder,
artist, seamstress and embroider…the list can go on and on. 

Here is a piece of her beautiful embroidery from the year 1963, inspired from the magazine Woman and Home…don’t shy away from displaying such treasures from past generations to fill up your place with character and calmness. 
● An old Terracotta vase from Gujarat ( a state of India) a little chipped due to frequent shifting for the past 3 decades adds to the Wabi Sabi look of my quirky home.

Go ahead and display everyday old items as they exude character by the very fact that they have been around for so long, there is something fascinating about its sheer existence and the changes it has gone through. You can relate it to yourself , your  existence on this planet and the changes we go through, lines, wrinkles etc adding wisdom to our lives!

This Terracotta Tile from Bhuj( Gujarat,  India) adds serenity to my balcony. 
8● I am fascinated by Bronze Statues and posses quite a few of them.

Displaying my collection of Bronze statues infuses a serene and calm atmosphere in my home. These have been gifted to me over the years. 

I love to display Ganesha in various areas of my Home. The special sacred stone is from high up in the Himalayas and was gifted to me by my Son-in-law. 
The aim is not to purchase and spend money. Make use of whatever you already have and try to create a calm ambience at home.
Here are more calm decor tips and ideas to enhance your experience….
A part of my Sea Shells collection from the beaches of India….

   Just looking at them soothes my senses and gives a beach vibe.

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