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Are you looking for Organic, safe colors for your family this Holi? Here are 4 Brands of Made in India organic, natural and skin friendly Holi colors you can safely choose from. 

They are a little expensive than the chemical laced colors flooding the markets. It is time to switch to natural colors for our health and the environment. 

1● Phool

This is a Kanpur based company. Though they offer an array of natural, organic products, here I will talk about their Holi colors( Gulal)

What makes Phool Holi Gulal special?

● It is handmade from flowers offered at Temples.

● It is chemical free. So no burning sensation on application. 

● Texture of Phool Gulal is very fine and feels soft on the skin. 

● It has a very soothing fragrance as it is blended with refreshing essential oils.

● Colors will come off easily without scrubbing and it does not leave permanent stains.

● Phool sources all ingredients used in mixing the flowers into Gulal locally from the farmers.

Phool Gulal:

Each box of Phool Natural Gulal contains:

● 4×100g of Natural and colorful Holi Gulal ( bright pink, yellow, blue, green)

● 1bottle (100g) Mishrambu Premium Thandai( popular drink for Holi) sourced from Varanasi.

This box of Gulal will cost you ₹585

Click on this link to buy Phool Gulal

2● amala earth

●  amala earth is a platform for buying natural and organic products. 

● It is a one stop shop for various sustainable brands.

● You can find a large variety of natural, organic and safe Gulal products on amala earth. 

Here, I am mentioning some popular products you can try on the occasion of Holi. 

● Organic Assorted Colorful Holi Gulal Gift Box. 

This will cost you ₹499 and is worth it.

●  Colorful Holi Combo ( Phoolchand Holi Dabba)

This contains 

Herbal Gulal 

Thandai mix

Seed balls

Plantable Holi cards 

The Herbal Gulal : pack of 4 herbal colors ( red, orange,yellow, green)

Gulal is made from arrowroot, turmeric, amaltash, palash, rose petals, spinach and beetroot.

Thandai mix made of organic rose petals, spices and seeds.

6 colorful seed ball, when planted, grow into different plants like tomato,marigold,aparajita, roselle, amaranthus and methi. 

Everything is natural, handmade and organically sourced.

This Combo pack will cost you ₹799

Click on this link to buy Gulal

3● Nirmalaya 

Nirmalaya Organic Gulal 

● Nirmalaya Organic Gulal is made from dried flowers petals, palash,turmeric and neem.

● These colors are made by women workforce with atmost care.

● The Gulal is organic, natural and skin friendly. 

The texture is smooth and feels soft on the skin.

● The Gulal is made by using dried flower petals and blended with refreshing essential oils, corn starch and food grade colors. 

● Premium Holi Box with Thandai will cost ₹679.15

● Colorful Holi Box will cost ₹424.15

●Individual colors are available at ₹112.50 each.

● Colors available are Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange and Green. 

All these are discounted offers. Stocks are getting over fast. So, book your colors before 15 of March 2022 or you will get the delivery after Holi. 

Click on this link to buy Gulal

4● nat habit

Handmade Natural Gulal 

● nat habit Gulal is organic, natural and safe.

● It is completely handmade and pure.

● nat habit Gulal is made of dried flowers, blended with natural fragrant oils.

● The Gulal is soft and smooth on skin. 

You can choose from a variety of Gulal. 

● Rang Bahar Gulaal Combo

  Pack of 4 (4×50 gm) at  ₹259

Gulal is also available separately. 

● Gulaab -e -preet Gulal  Raas( pack of 2) 2 ×50 gm(₹132)

● Marigold  Chhalak Gulaal Raas ( pack of 2) 2×50 gm(₹132)

● Turmeric Choor Gulaal Raas( pack of 2) 2×50 gm(₹132)

● Neem Mauj  Gulaal Raas ( pack of 2) 2×50 gm(₹132)

All these are on discount. Also, they are getting out of stock. So, book your colors now as they are not taking any bookings after 15 March 2022. 

Click on this link to buy Gulal

These are some of the best Made in India, Organic, Natural and safe Holi colors. Shift to natural colors this Holi for the health of your loved ones and our dear planet 🌏 Earth.

Happy Holi to all, stay well, stay safe.

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