Small Kitchen Appliances Review: Philips Electric Kettle (Daily Collection)

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An Electric Kettle is a very popular kitchen appliance 

● If you are setting up your home 

● If you live in a hostel 

● If you live in a PG( Paying Guest accommodation)

●  It can be easily used anywhere. 

● If you do not have a stove.

● Suddenly you find yourself with an empty gas cylinder. 

● If you want convenience 

● If you require hot water for drinking throughout the day.

● It can be used for hot water, tea,coffee, boiling eggs, making Maggi or hot water for cup noodles. 

I have been a big fan of electric kettle since many years. Recently, I had to replace mine in the month of November as it had stopped functioning. As it was beyond repair, I took advantage of Diwali sale and bought it through Amazon. 

My decision of purchasing the Phillips Electric Kettle proved to be a positive one.

As , I have used it everyday for the past 5 months with satisfaction, I am in a position to recommend it to others.

Depending on my daily requirements, Phillips  Daily Collection Kettle (1.2 L) fitted my needs completely. 

● Safe and easy boiling 

● Food grade stainless steel material 

● Though the maximum retail price is quoted at ₹2595, I could not resist the fantastic Diwali Sale discount. So, I got a great deal on this product.

● Wattage, Voltage &  frequency (1800 W, 230V, 50Hz)

● The electric kettle has a wide opening so it is easy to fill and clean. 

● It has a cord winder so storage is convenient. 

● This product comes with a 2 year guarantee. 

● It is light weight and easy to handle. 

● Easy to clean.

● Can easily be operated by all adults. 

● You can check out how to use it for various purposes like recipes, tips and tricks on this link

● For me, it helped me reduce my time and effort in the kitchen as I had access to hot water for tea, drinking purposes and other cooking requirements throughout the winter months.

I am very satisfied with this product. If you are planning to buy this, then the ongoing Holi sale is the right opportunity. Check out Amazon for a fantastic deal. 

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