Small kitchen appliances review: Phillips Mixer Grinder

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Review of Phillips Mixer Grinder, Daily Collection. 

Recently, I had to replace my old mixer and grinder as it had stopped working. I am in the habit of using things till they stop working altogether. As the old mixer and grinder was beyond repair, I researched online about mixers and grinders that suited my requirements and were within my budget. 

After a lot of research, I decided to purchase Phillips Mixer Grinder from Daily Collection. I am very happy with my decision. This mixer is used everyday in the kitchen and I am very satisfied with the result. 

Reason why you should buy Phillips Mixer Grinder 

● Phillips Mixer Grinder is very compact and can be easily placed anywhere. It has a large base so it does not shake while grinding.

● Phillips Mixer Grinder is affordable and can be bought online on discount. I made use of the Holi sale on Amazon and got a fantastic deal.

● As, a mixer grinder is an essential part of almost every household ( it saves backbreaking labor and helps finish cooking fast) it has to be user friendly. Phillips Mixer Grinder fits the requirements of all kitchen preparation with its new turbo powerful motor.

● It has 3 jars to take care of cooking purposes. The lids are secure and spill proof.

● 25 minutes of continuous grinding is possible with this mixer grinder, however I will not be trying this. My cooking habits don’t require me to use the mixer grinder for more than 5 minutes at a stretch.

● Phillips Mixer Grinder comes with a 5 year warranty. 

● The powerful turbo motor is 750 watt so you don’t have to worry about grinding gram etc for vadas and dosas( Phillips company claims)

● Phillips Mixer Grinder is easy to operate with easy and clear instructions. 

● It does not make too much noise while operating. 

● The results are good and the grinding smooth. The first  thing I tried was grinding fresh  green coriander chutney. It turned out perfect and smooth. The mixer grinder is an integral part of my kitchen and used everyday. 

         Green coriander fresh chutney. 

In fact, it took only a few seconds to grind the perfect chutney. 

● It is very easy to clean up the jars after using them. Just wash them immediately after use, dry them and store them in a corner for future use. Taking care if your jars will ensure a long life of your appliances.

Personally, I am very satisfied with my decision to purchase Phillips Mixer Grinder from Daily Collection. 

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