How To Make Healthy Bharwa Bhindi( Stuffed Okra)

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Bharwa Bhindi( stuffed Okra) is a favorite with every one. 

This is a very popular dish. Children and adults both love it. Issue is most of the households use a lot of oil or ghee( clarified butter) to cook it.

Bhindi can be cooked with very little cooking medium and turns out quite tasty. So you have an option to eat guilt free Bhindi. 

Here, I will take you step by step and explain how to cook healthy Bharwa Bhindi using just 1/2 teaspoon ghee.

Now you can enjoy guilt free Bhindi with out worrying about weight gain. 

This recipe serves 2 people. 


1● Always buy firm Bhindi. 

This is how it should look like, firm and fresh. Use only half of this for 2 people. 

2● Wash well and make sure it is dry before you cut it. If you are in a hurry, wipe each Bhindi well with a cotton napkin. If you proceed with wet Bhindi, it will become sticky.

3● Make slits in each Bhindi with a knife. Be careful and mindful while doing this step.

4● Next make a mixture of spices to stuff each Bhindi.


● 3 Tbsp Coriander powder( heaped)

● 1Tbsp Dry Mango powder,( amchur powder)

● 1Tbsp Turmeric powder

● 1/2 Tsp salt( you can use according to your taste)

● 1 Tsp red Chilli powder ( this I will not use for stuffing as I will add it while cooking)

Mixture of the spices ( without red Chilli powder)

5● Now stuff each slit with this mixture. If you feel you need more, feel free to use more. I use my hands to stuff the Bhindi. 

Here, we have completed the preparation of the stuffed Bhindi. Next, we will proceed to cook it in a healthy manner. 


6● Take a wok( kadhai) or a saucepan. Heat it a little and remember to keep the flame low. Do not cook on high flame as the Bhindi will stick and get burnt. 

7● At this stage add 1/2 tsp of oil or ghee( remember we are making healthy Bhindi). This is the most important step.

8● Now add the Bhindi and sprinkle red Chilli powder. 

9● Stir it gently and cover it. After 3-4 minutes, stir it gently  and cover it again. 

At this stage it will look like this. It is necessary to cover it and cook so it can cook in its moisture as we have used very little oil. Check again and give it another stir after 7 minutes. Your Bhindi will be ready in about 12 minutes. 

You can make it easily in the microwave also. I cook it on the stove as it tastes better. 

10● Plate it and enjoy healthy guilt free Bharwa Bhindi. 

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