My April Goal @ 2022: A Summer Capsule Wardrobe

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Whites are my favorites during summer. I possess quite a few and do not need any more for a couple of years. This white Kurta( top) has little silver sequins detailing on the neck and arms which look very classy. This is a perfect top for lunch/ dinner or an occasion. Whites are cool and classy. This is pure cotton and very comfortable  yet stylish. 

Summer is upon us and it’s already reached 40 degrees Celsius where I live. Though it is still pleasant early in the morning and late in the night. My goal for April is to set up a functional, working, no fuss wardrobe for easy access. As it is, it is already sweltering and rummaging through an unorganized closet is not a very pleasant task.

Nothing can be done about the weather but setting up an organized wardrobe is in our hands. So, come along with me on my journey towards achieving a breezy and functional summer wardrobe with some hit and trials.


● Keep all your summer clothes together so as to get a clear view of your possessions. 

● You can either keep them on your bed or on the floor. 

● Now, make separate piles of clothes according to categories like:





    Occasion wear

    Lounge wear

    Night wear

    Swim wear


This is my way to organize, you could be having more categories. Actually, my part of the World sees long hot summer months, so there is no requirement of woolens except for traveling to some hill stations. 

● My preference is cottons and linens during the summers as the fabric is breatheable and cool. These natural fabrics are not harsh on the skin and feel light and airy. It is better to stick to natural fabrics during the hot summer months. 

● This is my first attempt at a capsule wardrobe.  So, I am selecting clothes randomly and let’s see how things work out. This is an experiment only for the month of April but with some changes here and there, I might consider it for the remaining summer months. 

This is a cotton, batik print top. It is very comfortable and looks great.

● Now, I will be giving  number to the various categories like,

   Tops : 10

   Bottom : 06

   Casual: 10

   Formal: 04

   Occasion wear: 02

   Lounge wear: 04

   Night wear: 02

   Swim wear: 01

   Undergarments: unspecified 

   Basically, my summer capsule wardrobe will be about 50 clothing items that will include a random scarf, handkerchiefs, stoles also.

This is the first time that I have decided to stick to such a limited wardrobe. I am definitely looking forward to the challenge and using my creativity to create new looks with the limited clothes. 

This Lounge wear/ night wear is from the brand Jisora. It is pure cotton and very comfortable. It is a kaftan top so it can be worn with trousers, capris, skirts and tops too. It has versatile uses and is one of my favorites. The bottom is also very comfortable and chic. Perfect to Lounge at home or sleep in.

To buy similar sets and other products  click on this link

Jisora Jaipur brand is also available on Amazon and Myntra.


● To Declutter 

● To challenge myself 

● Not to buy any new clothes 

● Save money

● Reduce confusion while getting ready

● Saving time and effort while getting ready

● Streamlining my daily routine by creating an efficient wardrobe 

● Focussing on hobbies rather than wasting time rummaging through my wardrobe to decide what to wear

● Simplifying my life

● Focussing more on my health, spiritual and mental well-being and self care. 


● This is my main aim. As all of us are feeling the pinch due to severe inflation all over the World,  I have decided not to purchase any new clothes this summer until unless it is unavoidable. 

● My challenge is to keep my wardrobe interesting with what I possess and save money.

● Saving money, yet looking stylish is my goal.

Watch this space as I use my clothes creatively in the month of April and arrive at a functional yet fresh feeling wardrobe. 


● Finally, I managed to declutter and arrange my summer capsule wardrobe. 

● Actually I realized that there were no extra clothes to be decluttered as I have been on the decluttering journey since 2017.

● A few worn out clothes that had actually torn have been made into rags.

● My goal of not purchasing anything new this summer is doable as I have enough cotton clothes to last this season. 

● A couple of clutch bags that I do not use anymore have been kept for donation.

● Overall, I am mighty pleased with my clean and organized wardrobe. 

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