My March Goal @ 2022: How Did I Perform

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These shawls were hand washed at home by me and sun dried. I have stored them safely with dried neem leaves, to be used next winters. 

These woolen shawls are very special and expensive. These are all pure Pashmina shawls. The top most in the pile is a very special gift from my son in law, that he got from a breathtaking place called Munshyari, in the northern state of Uttarakhand,  India. Do plan a visit to this area and check out various home stays for a quiet stay far from the maddening crowd. Munshyari offers the most amazing climate and bughyals( meadows in the high reaches of the Himalayas). Support local weavers and take back these shawls as souvenirs. 

The two at the bottom of the above pile are Pashmina shawls from Leh, India. They weave the most amazing Pashmina shawls. Plan a trip to Leh and take back a locally woven Pashmina shawl to keep you warm. The locals depend heavily on tourists to earn a living. Support them and keep the heritage textiles alive.

Another picture of the Pashmina shawls that have been with me for over 3 decades. They look brand new as I have taken good care of them. Follow my tips of preserving woolens and they will last you a lifetime. 

Though they look coarse, but believe me they are very soft and extremely warm.

These are my absolute favorite and provide me comfort every winters. Now, they have been hand washed and stored away carefully. 

After going through my pullovers and sweaters, I have realized that they will suffice for the time being and I don’t have to buy more.

Neem leaves, sun dried by me and used to line the storage for my woolens. 

The whole of March was dedicated towards washing, drying and properly storing away the woolens for the next winters. 

● After sorting the woolens, most of them were handwashed. 

● Soft liquid detergent was used to wash them.

● The clothes were then sun dried carefully. 

● They were stored only after ensuring that they were completely dried. 

● Those requiring mending were dealt with before storing. 

● A couple were sent to the drycleaner. 

Large blankets have to be sent to the drycleaner to keep them moth free during the long summer and monsoon months. These are not possible to be washed at home as my washing machine has a medium capacity. 

● The storage area was cleaned thoroughly. 

● Dried neem leaves were sprinkled generously. 

● All the clothes were stored away and the closet was ready for the summer clothes. 

I can proudly say that my goal of decluttering and storing my woolens was achieved. Actually, I did not dispose any woolens as I don’t have any extra ( limited wardrobe as I have been decluttering since 2017)

Another small goal achieved and looking forward to setting up my summer capsule wardrobe. 

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