Review: Papacream Vegan Ice-cream

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Crave Ice-cream and looking for dairy free options?

Don’t know what dairy free options are available in your city?

Want to try a gluten free option of ice cream? 

Looking for Ice-cream cakes?

Fret not, as Papacream offers a variety of flavors. 

Welcome to the World Of Gourmet Ice-cream


If your loved ones are diehard Ice-cream lovers, treat them to Papacream Vegan Ice-cream. 

Papacream is a product of India. 

The concept behind Papacream is making Gourmet Ice-cream available to the masses. 

Papacream offers Artisanal Ice creams in a variety of flavors like:

● Vegan Raspberry 

● Vegan Coffee Mocha 

● Vegan French Vanilla 

● Vegan Chocofudgy 

● Vegan Mango 

● Vegan Chocolate 

In my home, Vegan Coffee Mocha and Vegan Mango are the most popular Ice-creams. 

Yummy Vegan Coffee Mocha Ice-cream!

Papacream also offers:

● Milk based range of Ice-creams 

● Sugar free Ice-creams 

● Vegan range of dairy free, gluten free Ice-creams 

● Sorbets

● Ice-cream cakes 

Papacream products are sold both offline and online. 

Papacream has a number of franchise in major cities of India and they are planning to expand more as there is a lot of potential in tier 2 cities of India. 

At present, Papacream is available in select cities of India. 

You can check out if Papacream is available in your city from the link provided below and use the food delivery service Swiggy and Zomato as I have been doing. 

To find out more about Papacream click on the link given below

My recent Papacream find!

This has to be the flavour of the month of June  2022 in my home , delicious!

As it is Dairy free & Vegan, it is light on the gut and no problem with any weight issues!

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