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The seat of one of the Salar Jung,  immaculately preserved with all textiles details intact.

This picture has been taken by me during my visit to the Salar Jung Museum. 


Salar Jung Museum is located at Dar-ul-Shifa. This is located on the southern bank of Musi River, in the city of Hyderabad, in the state of Telangana, India. 

Previously, Salar Jung Museum was a private collection but in the year 1951 it became a property of The Government Of India. 


● It is the world’s largest private collection of art and artifacts. 

● This collection is the result of the efforts of the 3 Salar Jung or the Prime Minister of the Nizams of Hyderabad,  Salar Jung 1,2&3.

● This collection is primarily the result of 40 years of collecting priceless and rare  art and artifacts by Salar Jung 3.

●Salar Jung 3 requested the Nizam of Hyderabad to relieve him of his Prime Minister ship, so he could focus on his passion of collecting rare objects. 

● Sounds familiar? We all want to follow our passion! In case of the Salar Jung he got revenue of hundreds of villages and had no need for a job…with no dearth of money, he went about collecting without worrying about paying any bills or buying a house and building a college fund for kids and also a retirement kitty…well with money not an issue, he collected expensive and rare stuff..

● We can enjoy this collection of rare and expensive articles by purchasing a nominal ticket of ₹20, without worrying about possessing all this…

● Salar Jung Museum is spread across 10 acres.

● The Museum has 38 Galleries across 2 floors.

● It begins with the Founders Gallery…

TIMINGS: Salar Jung Museum is closed on Friday. 

On the rest of the days it is open for public from 10 am to 5 pm.


Free for students with ID cards ( up to 18 years of age)

Free for Defence Personal in Uniform 

Free for organized Kisan parties 

₹20 for Indian Citizens 

₹500 for  Foreign Nationals. 


By Air : Hyderabad is very well connected by National and International carriers. 

By Rail : Being the capital  Hyderabad is well connected by rail

By Road: As Hyderabad is the capital city, you can easily get a taxi, cab or bus to the museum. 


● No trip to Hyderabad is complete without a tour of the Salar Jung Museum. 

● Salar Jung Museum is known for the largest one man collection of artifacts in the world. 

● It is centrally located near all other tourist attractions like the Charminar. 

● A must for all art lovers and history enthusiasts. 

● Salar Jung Museum has rare and exquisite products from all across India in the Indian Section. 

● The Western Section has products displayed from France, Italy, Germany,  Belgium, Ireland, England, Austria, America, Czechoslovakia. 

● The Eastern Section has products from Japan, Thailand, China, Burma, Korea, Nepal, Egypt, Arabia, Syria, Indonesia, Persia. 

As it is not possible to see the entire Museum in a few hours, focus on a few attractions and also on your interest. 



● Do not miss the musical clock that still works…of course it is maintained well by technicians. A figurine comes out to strike the gong at every hour.

This is definitely the main attraction of the Salar Jung Museum. 

● This is part of the 19th century British Musical Clocks. It was sold by Cooke & Kelvey of England. 

● It was shipped to India and assembled at Kolkata, the then Capital of India. 

This picture was clicked by me on my visit to the Salar Jung Museum. 

This is a part of the British Musical Clocks displayed at the Salar Jung Museum and all are in working condition. 


●This is again a very popular attraction at the Salar Jung Museum. 

This picture was taken by me on my visit to the Salar Jung Museum 

This is the original statue of The Veiled Rebecca. 

● It is exquisitely carved in marble. 

● You can see the finesse of the Statue and marvel at the craftsmanship of the sculptor. 

● The drapery carved in marble is beyond belief…do not miss it.

● The Veiled Rebecca marble statue was created by an  Italian sculptor GB Benzoni in the year 1876.

● This statue was bought by Salar Jung 1 on his trip to Italy in the year 1876.


This picture was clicked by me on my visit to the Salar Jung Museum. 

This is a must for all who are interested in exquisite glassware. You will find hundreds of intricately carved and exclusive designs that you never see anywhere. 

Coloured glassware, Chandeliers, tableware from all over the World is displayed here.


● Carved out of a single piece of wood, this statue displays 2 characters, a man and a woman on the opposite side.

● I recommend this as I found it very interesting. 

This picture was clicked by me on my visit to the Salar Jung Museum. 


● Salar Jung Museum has a large collection of intricately carved Ivory artifacts. 

This picture was clicked by me on my visit to the Salar Jung Museum. 

● Personally, I am against use of ivory in any form and do not eulogise its use and propagation in any form due to the sheer cruelty towards the Elephants involving their massacares to feed Human greed, what’s happened in the past can be rectified by not repeating it.

This picture was clicked by me on my visit to the Salar Jung Museum. 

We still live in a very cruel world where 60 percent of the wildlife species has been wiped out in the last 40 odd years, due to our consumption habits.

Let’s take such opportunities to introspect about how we can live more gently and show compassion towards everyone. 


● Salar Jung Museum has a huge collection of beautiful 3 D paintings which should not be missed. 

● These 3 D paintings are absolute wonders as you find them to be following your gaze from whichever angle you look at them.

● The paintings should not be missed by anyone visiting the Salar Jung Museum. You will be surprised by the sheer variety and magic of the masterpieces. 

● You can admire works of some of the finest artists like English Painter T S Cooper in the Paintings section. 

● Works of Italian Painters like Diziani, Matteini,  Marc, Aldine, Canaletto, Hayez, Blass will leave you spellbound. 

● The paintings look so real as if they are speaking to you.

● No where will you get to see authentic works of World renowned artists, under one roof at such a nominal price.


● Indian Gallery:

● South Indian Bronzes, art of South India. 

● Indian sculptures, objects, textiles, miniature paintings, modern paintings, Bidri  work.

● Jade Gallery, arms and armor. 


● Wear comfortable footwear as you have to walk a lot.

● Your clothes should be comfortable too so you don’t feel unnessarily hassled. 

● As you can’t cover the entire Museum in a day stick to a few artifacts and interest points. 

● Most tourists come here for a couple of hours only, so see a few sections well. No point in rushing from one room to another without experiencing anything. 

● If you desire, the Museum has guides who can help you understand the artifacts and guide you to the most viewed artifacts, thus saving you time.

● Carry drinking water as you will walk a lot.

● Of course you will be clicking pictures and making videos. Do soak in the ambience by keeping the camera aside!

● Simple courtesy should not be forgotten in all the excitement like be quiet, make way for fellow tourists, be courteous to the people around you and listen to the staff.

● Do not litter snd keep the premises clean.

● Do not touch the exhibits. 

● The Museum staff and security put in a lot of effort to provide us a lifetime experience, let’s be conscious tourists. 


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