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Hi Friends, this absolutely amazing book has been on my Book shelf for over a decade. It has been read and re-read a number of times. 

This book is a breeze, as it can be raced through in an hour. Less than a 100 pages, but full of Wisdom and profound life lessons. 

Who Moved My Cheese? is definitely one of my personal favorite books on how to do life.

This book Navigates deep concepts about survival spanning all areas of Human concern like Work, jobs, relationships, health, goals, spiritual life goals with the help of a simple fable. 

The Weekend was spent on self-care,of which was an afternoon spent reading Who Moved My Cheese? curled up in my favorite reading nook.

How can “Who Moved My Cheese?” help us ?

This time, my thoughts were about the uncertainty in Today’s World. With Covid, now Monkey Pox scaring us, hyperinflation hitting home, fuel prices spiraling, war, people quitting their jobs due to dissatisfaction with the work environment,rising unemployment in developing economies, AI looming large, the only way to survive this is to change and adapt. 

Who Moved My Cheese? can help us understand about change and give us solutions to adapt to new unfamiliar situations with as little discomfort as possible. 

“An amazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life “

This is a story about change that takes place in a maze.

● Here 4 amusing characters look for “Cheese “

● Here Cheese is a metaphor for what we want to have in life like a job,money, relationship, large house, health, freedom, recognition, spiritual peace etc.

● According to each one of us, Cheese can mean anything that makes us happy. 

● If we get the Cheese we are happy, otherwise we get stressed. 

● Here, “Maze” means any place where you look for what you want. 

Example, your work place, relationships, community etc.

This amazing story has changed millions of lives.

Important Takeaways from this book 

● Adapt, if you don’t change,you become extinct. 

● What are you capable of doing, if you are not afraid?

● Keep an eye on things,plan your move.

● Think how you will feel when you achieve your goal,this will boost your confidence. 

● Change your mindset, let go of the old to reach your new goals quickly. 

● Take action, build confidence in yourself to change course. 

● Keep an eye on small changes so that it becomes easier to adapt to bigger ones. 

This book gives us tips and tricks to survive in this ever changing World. 

Mankind has always been faced with change. How can we apply the strategies given in this book to survive the present day social and economic upheavals?

These tips can prove valuable to us

● We have to recognize that change happens all the time.

● Be prepared to change by keeping your ears and eyes open. 

● Don’t panic,let go of old and quickly adapt to new.

● Enjoy change ( of course, easier said than done) Do we have a choice?

● It’s change or perish in today’s World scenario. 

● So be prepared to adapt to the circumstances in your life, make plans for a happy life. 

Having re-read it a number of times, I can say that it contains valuable wisdom and serves as a life guide

Pick up a copy of it on Amazon and breeze through it in an hour!

This book deserves a 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating.

Personally, it boosts my confidence by providing nuggets of wisdom and useful tips to adapt to change. So, I highly recommend Who Moved My Cheese.

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