Friends, the motivation behind this blog post is the search for real, tasty, easy, doable, budget friendly and authentic vegan recipes. 

Vegan products are not easy to find on the store shelves in India ( Stores basically cater to metro cities at present)

Apart from that, they are quite pricy for the quantity. Also, with homemade products, one at least knows what goes into them.

Over the months and many experiments later, I have figured out a few vegan recipes that fit the above criteria. 

The quest for homemade, easy, simple, budget friendly and tasty Vegan Mayonnaise led me to experiment with a few easily available ingredients in my kitchen. 

Here, I would like to share my Vegan Mayonnaise recipe with all of you….


Guess the main ingredient…..


Vegan means no dairy, and soy,oats milk does not suit everyone. Almond and Cashew milk is pricy. Also, you might be on a budget or out of stock.

One staple in our homes is potato. Money saver, popular, tasty, versatile, blends with everything. 

Though, many years ago, I had heard someone mention potato mayonnaise as a substitute for the regular non-vegetarian mayonnaise. At that point in time, it was not a priority with me, but it reminded embedded in my memory. 

Years later, now forced due to circumstances, my interest has turned into experimenting with vegan recipes. 

This led me to experiment with the versatile Potato. Truly, the Potato is King as I found out when the creamy, smooth Potato Mayo was gobbled up by my family.  

Frankly, potato was all I remembered from my conversation years back. Now, I had to rustle up a mayo by hit and trial.

This labour of love is a hit in my household. Armed with just a large boiled potato, my brain went into overdrive and the experiment led to the most delicious Potato vegan mayo.

So, all those mayo lovers, don’t loose heart, vegan Potato mayo will not disappoint you. 

Have it any which way, toast, any bread, roti, crackers, soup sticks….


(Serves 2, adjust accordingly)

(It can be refrigerated for upto 4 days)


● 1 large boiled, peeled and mashed potato.

   You can use 2 medium sized potatoes also.

● Add 1/4 tsp chilli flakes

● Add 1/2 tsp salt( or according to taste)

● 1 1/2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

● A pinch of mustard powder for the sharp


 Here, the above mustard powder has been 

 pounded at home, as I use mustard seeds in a

 lot of dishes. 

● 3 tbsp water( if you want it a little runny, 

   increase the quantity of olive oil and water.

   Here, you can experiment. 

Now, blend the above ingredients in your blender/mixie/hand blender/if you are comfortable with hand blending, good for you. 

Once this is done, take out the mayo in a bowl.

● At this stage, add 1/4tsp vinegar for the 

   tangy taste. 

● Whisk it with a fork / spoon till it looks 


Looks delicious…tastes even better. This super easy, tasty, healthy, vegan and dairy free option can be prepared in 15 minutes. 

You won’t be disappointed ! Let me know in the comments about your experience with this Potato vegan mayonnaise recipe 😋 

All pictures are clicked by me. If you wish to use them,please mention the source. 

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