10 Wedding Decoration Ideas(with Marigold)

 The Wedding season is upon us and Wedding decorations are an important part of all functions as they set the perfect vibe.

Marigold flowers have always been a very popular part of Indian functions. Be it any occasion like Pujas, housewarming, marriage or any official ceremony, you will find Marigold everywhere. 

A symbol of prosperity, the charm of Marigold during weddings will never go away. 

Personally, I am a huge fan of Marigold and recommend at least using them for a few Wedding functions. 

Here, I came across some fascinating arrangements that will inspire you to use them in your upcoming functions. I have picked up 10 Marigold Wedding decorations from Pinterest that will give you an idea about using Marigold.

1● Elegant Seating Canopy using Yellow and Orange Marigold. 

          Source: Witty Vows, featured on Pinterest. 

This simple yet elegant seating arrangement using Yellow and Orange Marigold strings sets the mood for Haldi, Sangeet and Mehandi. You can use it as a Photo booth. 

It does not occupy much space, so you can set it up in the corner of any room or a small outdoor area. 

2● Marigold corner arrangement using Yellow flowers. 

                          source: Pinterest 

Such a lovely way of using Marigold! Here, Barnis ( Traditional pots) have been used as vases. This can be done as a DIY for your Mehandi, Haldi or Sangeet functions. 

3● Yellow Marigold stage and Photo booth for various wedding functions. 


           Source: Wed Me Good, from Pinterest 

This elegant Yellow and White arrangement is perfect for various Wedding functions like Sangeet, Haldi and Mehandi. Yellow Marigold strings with white contrast gives it an ethereal feel.

Get your pictures clicked with family and friends with this lovely background. 
4● Deep Orange- Red Marigold arrangement for the Bride to be 


                  Source: Pinterest 
These Deep Orange Marigold strings with bells are so cute!
Lovely and rich hued ambience with the Bride signage gives a warm feel to the arrangement. 
Get your pictures clicked with this background and get pampered during your various wedding functions. 
5● Marigold curtain 

       Source: Style Me Pretty,  from Pinterest 

This dainty flower curtain uses Marigold with Carnations. The overall look is delicate and sophisticated. 
You can easily DIY this flower curtain and jazz up your place for your Wedding. 
6● Yellow Marigold Tassels 

              Source: Wed Me Good, from Pinterest 

Here, the use of Yellow Marigold to create Tassels of various size and using a sheer White curtain as a backdrop looks stunning. 
This Canopy can be used anywhere at your Wedding. 
7● Marigold, Matka, Candles and fairy lights. 

    Source: Inside Weddings, from Pinterest 

So pretty, isn’t it?… you can easily DIY this at home. Just get matka, marigold strings, fairy lights and some candles..
This arrangement will look very pretty in a corner of a room or even outdoors in the evenings. So go ahead and surprise everyone. 
8● Blue and White theme with a touch of Marigold 

        Source: Its An Affair,  from Pinterest 
Want just a hint of Marigold? Then this will definitely inspire you. 
Bring in the Sea vibe with this breathtakingly fresh blue and white Stage and Photo booth. 
Yellow Marigold has been used as highlights in this arrangement. Perfect for a Daytime Wedding.
9● Marigold Canopy for evening Wedding functions. 

         Source: Wedding Bazaar, from Pinterest 

Perfect for the evening Wedding functions, this decoration gives a magical feel. The Yellow Marigold and fairy light strings curtain can easily be your DIY.
10● A Formal Place setting with Marigold 

                            Source: Pinterest 
This formal Wedding Dinner setting ,using Marigold, adds a traditional touch. The candles placed along the train of Marigold, adds to the ambience. 
Marigold is traditional and gives a touch of class to any setting. 
Hope you have enjoyed this and got inspired for your Wedding functions. 
Fresh Marigold always looks better. 
● In case you are planning to DIY
● Visit the wholesale flower market and place an order.
● Ask your florist to help out.
● If your Marigold flowers are delivered at home for pooja, employ the person to help out.
● Always bargain for best price. 
● In case you are planning to hire professionals, request them for various packages to suit your budget. You can give your suggestions from the above arrangements. 
● Remember to bargain for best price even with the professionals. 
● Chill, and enjoy your Marigold Wedding. 

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