5 Easy, Budget friendly DIY Wedding Decor Ideas


Friends, as a Minimalist and a sustainability advocate, it is always my endeavor to reuse, repurpose, recycle and upcycle my possessions.

This definitely does not imply that I lead a boring life. On the contrary, this lifestyle challenges my creativity and resourseful spirit.  

As a firm believer of reducing waste, you will find me using stuff from my home year after year in interesting ways. 

By now you must be convinced that I have a bias towards intimate weddings and Minimalist decor.

Also, this lifestyle challenges me to come up with quirky, fresh ideas and needless to say that I happen to get compliments galore.

Here, I would like to share a few DIY settings with you all. Who says you can’t create magic with simple objects. Big, Fat displays can take a break!

It’s time we reuse and repurpose everything to save our money as prices are skyrocketing and set a trend to reduce wastage of resources. 

1 ● Candle, Crystal, Shell and Pearl Centerpiece

All products have been reused. 

The concept:

The theme is relaxed and playful. 

The products:

Crystal Candle holder, glass candle holder, blue ribbon to match the blue candleholder, sea shells from a previous beach vacation, Pearl string and Crystal long stem glasses. 

The casual display of Shells and a string of Pearls along with the Candle holder looks so sophisticated and chic. 

Here, I have added a couple of long stemmed Crystal glasses to create a different look. 

2● Crystal Candle holder, long stemmed Crystal glasses and Red bow Centerpiece 

The concept:

Crystal and Sunrays create magic

The products:

Red bow, Crystal Candle holder and Crystal glasses. 

This simple yet stunning arrangement looks very stylish and creates magic for the special day. 

Make use of the Sunrays and let the magic unfold. 

The long stemmed Crystal glasses complete the pretty picture. 

3● An Indian Decor Centerpiece 

The concept:

A burst of warm colors create a visual delight.

The products:

Red lamp, decorative diyas( earthen lamps), colorful placemats, napkins and bangles.

Try out the colorful theme using warm colors. 

This will create drama and add a warm soft glow. 

The last couple of years, due to lockdowns, the concept of Intimate weddings took centerstage. 

In fact, people all over the World held simple, intimate weddings, with fewer guests and a lot of DIY.

We should continue the celebrations in the same spirit for the sake of our Pockets and the Planet.

Think out Of the box, use products from your home, mix and match stuff, pick up ideas from around the World, go local, use natural materials like fresh flowers, foliage, fruits etc and pair them with knick knacks from your home.

Add a traditional touch to the wedding with decorative Earthen lamps. You can order them on Amazon. 

Also, a variety of beautiful bangles can add a touch of magic to the lamps. Check out the bangles on Amazon. 

4● Crystal, fairy lights and foliage 

The concept:

Here, the focus is on use of foliage. Asthetic use if foliage, paired with cotton napkins look stunning and chic.

The products:

Easily available foliage from my garden, Crystal vase, a string of thick Pearls, Crystal long stemmed glasses, napkins and vintage cutlery.

5● Crystal vase, foliage and fairy lights Centerpiece. 

The concept:

Create magic with foliage and fairy lights. 

The products:

Crystal vase, table runner, foliage and fairy lights. 

It looks stunning and gives a soft glow to the ambience. You can play with this as I have added a couple of sea shells to this arrangement. 

All products have been reused and repurposed. 

The photos have been clicked personally by me at home.

If you wish to use any, do mention the source. 

The ideas are my own and everything has been sourced from my collection. 

The basic aim was to create DIY, easy to do and stunning arrangements that are environmentally friendly and easy on the pocket. 

Hope you enjoyed the ideas as much as  did putting them together. Do share your feedback in the comments. 

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