5 Summer Christmas Poster, Banner, Flier, invitation, business, sales Ideas


This relaxed Poster sums up the entire concept of a Summer Christmas….serene, salubrious and a treat for the senses.

Hi, Christmas, the festival of gratitude and Bonhomie is celebrated all over the World with a lot of gusto.

In a lot of  countries, Christmas falls in the Summer season. People here, celebrate this festival with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. 

People here have adapted to a summer Christmas and they go all out regarding the food, clothes and shopping. 

Tourists are attracted to the warmer climate in the Christmas break. This is a busy time for the Tourism and Hotel industry. 

In fact Tourism and Hospitality industry are busy during the Christmas holiday season. 

Here are 5 Summer Christmas Poster/Banner/Flier/Party Invite, sales ideas for the Summer Festive season. 

1 🍹This picturesque beach Christmas Poster/Banner/Flier/Party Invite says it all.

The relaxed ambience on the beach and the Christmas lights give a Party feel to the Poster/Banner/Flier 

It has a distinct Summer vibe and looks the perfect place for a get together or a Party. 

It’s relaxed ambience is also perfect for a serene and relaxing Dinner for someone who wants a quiet time.

The whole concept is perfect to advertise your place or event. 

2 🍹This Camping and Resort Poster/Banner/Flier/Party Invite gives you an option. 

You can either spend Christmas in a camping resort or in a hotel by the pool.

An outdoor person can celebrate Christmas in a camping resort. The hotel on the other hand provides a relaxing stay and a boisterous celebration. 

This Poster/Banner/Flier is perfect for the Tourism and Hospitality industry to advertise their various events and packages. 

3 🍹This Poster/Banner/Flier is perfect to advertise a Summer Christmas as it promises a great holiday and sightseeing. 

A relaxed vacation and the promises of a cool Summer Christmas is the underlying concept of this Poster/Banner/Flier. 

The luxury of a warm climate and comfortable stay is what comes to the mind. The concept holds the promise of a relaxed stay, enchanting scenery and a Christmas Party. 

Perfect Poster/Banner/Flier/Party Invite for Businesses, Hotels, Tour operators and Event organizers. 

4 🍹This bright Poster/Banner/Flier/Party Invite or Card is perfect for a Summer Christmas. 

Here, the sea shells and sand reflects a relaxed vacation. The Christmas bells and the bright Red color contrast beautifully with the white.

This is a perfect Poster/Banner/Flier to announce  any events, get together, sales or product launch. 

5 🍹This enchanting Poster/Banner/Flier/Party Invite/Card idea holds a promise of a perfect Summer Christmas. 

The sea view is relaxed, the sky bright, the birds freely flying and the Christmas lights give a magical feel.

The Poster/Banner/Flier/Party Invite/Promotional is perfect for Travel and Tour operators, Hospitality sector, restaurants and businesses. 

Hope you have enjoyed going through this blog and found the ideas useful. Personally, I have enjoyed compiling them for you. Do let me know in the comments and wish you all a very Happy Summer Christmas. 🎂🥂🎁

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