How to Decorate for your wedding functions under ₹10,000


Weddings are an expensive affair. We all want to put our best foot forward but it’s better to follow a budget. 

Intimate and Home weddings have become very popular and actually one should not throw away money, that can be put to a better use on just one function. 

There are a few areas where you can save money 

● Limit your Guest list to close family and friends. 

● Stick to a few dishes and don’t waste food.

● Wedding favours should not be expensive. 

● Try to DIY the decorations. 

This will help you save money and unnecessary wastage of resources. 

How to save money on Wedding decorations 

I have compiled a few easy ideas from Pinterest that you can use to DIY your Wedding decorations under ₹10,000.

1● Painted Matkas and Marigold strings 

              Source: Wedding Wire India, on


You can easily DIY this pretty and simple arrangement. 

Things you will need:

Earthern Matka 


Marigold strings 

Purchase Earthern Pots or Matkas from your local Potter. 

Buy some bright Paint. You can either paint them yourself or take some help.

Order some fresh Marigold strings from your local florist.

You can buy artificial Marigold strings online on Amazon if you want to reuse them. 

Arrange this in a corner of a room/garden/balcony/terrace

This pretty DIY can be easily shifted anywhere. 

You can use some fairy lights with this arrangement in the evening for a magical glow.

2● DIY Marigold and foliage Canopy 

         Source: Wed Me Good, on Pinterest 

This beautiful arrangement can be done easily, just use your creativity and take help from friends and family. 

Things you will need:

10 to 15 long Marigold strings 

10 foliage strings 

2 Chairs 

Place an order with your local florist or phool wala. He will get them at a reasonable rate from the wholesale market. 

Or he can prepare the Marigold strings according to the length required.

The Phoolwala will arrange for the green foliage strings also.

You just have to arrange them creatively. 

Select a suitable place for this arrangement, as it cannot be moved.

Use your Home Chairs and decorate them.

You can enhance this decoration by adding fairy lights. 

3● Creative hanging decorations using Bangles and other traditional items like hanging birds, puppets, Tassels, Latkan. 

                          Source: Pinterest 

I found this super cute and doable..let your creativity take over. First identify areas where you would like to hang your decorations. 

Now calculate how many decorative items you will require. 

Things you will need:


Traditional wall hangings


Marigold strings 



You can easily get Bangles from your neighborhood market.

Ask your Phoolwala or florist to get a few Marigold strings. You can use artificial Marigold strings also as they can be reused. 

Make a trip to any market selling traditional stuff and you can pick up all types of hangings, colorful puppets and Tassels. 

Ribbons and threads can be bought from any neighborhood store. 

Now tie up the Bangles with Threads and hang them with the help of Ribbons. 

Hang the puppets, birds hangings, Tassels and Marigold strings according to your wish.

I bet the whole place will turn festive instantaneously. 

4● Hanging Multicolored Tassels/ Parandi / Latkan 

Super easy and charming. Don’t worry if you do not have a Tree to hang these!

Hang these from a shrub, doors, windows, ceiling, walls or balcony.

Things you will need:

Multicolored wool



Cut a bunch of the wool in small length and tie it tightly in the middle. 

Now sew the ribbon on it.

It’s done, all set to hang.

Ask someone to hang it using a ladder.

You will require small quantities of wool. Choose bright colors. 

In place of wool, you can make Satin thread / cloth/paper  Tassels also.

5 ●  Marigold and Rose flower arrangement. 

          Source: Wed Me Good, on Pinterest 

This is so simple and the effect is stunning!

All items used in this arrangement are easily available. 

Things you will need:

Barni ( Traditional Indian stone pottery to store food items like pickles)

You can request your Mom or Grandmother to lend you their Barni.

Or you can purchase one.

Orange/Yellow fresh Marigold 

Fresh Roses 

If you want you can use artificial flowers. 

A sponge to set them

Some local thin cane( trick..get a new jhadoo /broom and use the cane to set the flowers…)

Place a piece of cardboard on the Barni. Now place the sponge on top. Use small sticks of cane to fix the flowers into the sponge.

This flower decoration can be placed anywhere you like, infact you can change the location whenever you want!

In place of a Barni, you can use tall vases, pots or a block..just use your creativity. 

6● Kite and Latkan decoration

            Source: Decor Sutra, on Pinterest 

Easy and colorful wedding decoration. You will love this!

First you have to decide a location for this decoration as it has to be fixed in one place. 

Now decide about the background color. Pick up some pastel/ Of White running textile material from a local shop. 

Things you will need:

Colorful Kites

Wall hangings/latkan

Material for background 

Fix the background first. Now secure the Kites and wall hangings on the fabric. Best is to use needle and thread.

Take the help of family members or house help. 

7● Dreamcatchers Wedding decoration

         Source : Wed Me Good , on Pinterest 

This arrangement with Dreamcatchers looks amazing. It is again very doable. 

Things you will need:


Marigold strings 


It’s up to you if you want to use fabric. 

You can purchase Dreamcatchers from a wholesale shop or order online from Amazon. 

Dreamcatchers can be fixed anywhere and look pretty. Hang some Marigold strings along with them for the Wedding feel. 

8● Gota Wedding decorations 

             Source: Shadi Wish, on Pinterest 

I simply loved this Wedding decoration!
This super cute decoration using Gota and Marigold looks so stunning. 
Decide how many you require and the places to hang them.
Either purchase from a wholesale shop or order online. 
Things you will need:

Gota latkans

Marigold (fresh/artificial)

Glue/needle thread

You can get these Gota Latkans easily from shops in any market selling Wedding stuff. Also, you can order online from Amazon. 
You can fix the Marigold flowers with glue or thread.
Here you can add more than one flower to give it a personalized touch. 
9● Pinwheel and Marigold decoration 

                          Source: Pinterest 

Super easy and cute DIY decoration idea.
It gives a funky look to the traditional event. 
Things you will need:
Mettle Tea kettle 

Bright Paint 


Marigold flowers 


You can place this pretty arrangement anywhere and change the location according to your mood.
Tea kettles are easily available. Take help and get it painted. 
All flea markets in India sell Pinwheels, so visit your local weekly market and pick up a bunch.
In fact, look for other interesting things there to add your personal touch to the decorations. 
Next, pick up some green leaves ( any hardy ones will be fine that don’t wilt easily)
Now assemble the arrangement and admire the piece of art!
10● Bangles, candle and petals Centerpiece 

         Source: Pretty Much Decor, on Pinterest 

So easy and stunning, anyone can do this!
First, identify where you want to place this as it cannot be moved. 
Things you will need:

Colorful Bangles 

Tea light 

Coloured glassware bowl 

Fresh Marigold flowers 

Rose petals 

Bright tablecloth ( optional)

All the items are easily available. If you have a bright glass bowl at home just float a candle in it.
Or you can get a coloured glass bowl from any gift shop/ crockery shop.
Arrange the Bangles around the bowl in a circle  make another circle with fresh Marigold flowers. Finally, make an outer circle using rose petals and viola…all set for the Wedding celebrations.
Hope you liked the ideas. Enjoy your Wedding and save money.

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