5 Easy Tips To Prep Your Home For Diwali

 Friends  it is that time of the year again when we say goodbye to the Rains and welcome the festival season. Yes it’s time to prep up our Homes for the Beautiful Festival of Lights, Diwali. 

As years pass, my focus is less on mindless consumption and more on meaningful life experiences. 

Though we have to purchase Diyas, Candles, Fairy lights, Gifts and Sweets every year as they are used up and also all of us are not equipped to make everything at home.

At least we can make an effort to reuse and create some visual appeal through the decorations. 

All pictures have been clicked by me at my Home. If you wish to use them, do mention the source.

We love to go all out to decorate our Homes for Diwali. 

Here are a few tips to save your money and the environment without dimming your enthusiasm. 

If you are a parent, what better time to educate your children about reuse and repurpose. Involve them and incorporate their ideas in your Decor. These moments and skills will remain with them throughout their lives. 

Also, reusing and upcycling will make our Decor unique and not a copy!

Let me take you across my Eclectic Home on a visual tour of Diwali Decor. 

This time my focus is on DIY Diwali 

● Shopping my Home for Diwali Decor 

● Best out of waste

● Using all leftover candles and Diyas 

● Eco-friendly gift wrapping 

● Using my creativity to create interesting focal 


● Making a Traditional Sweet at Home 

● Reusing, repurposing and upcycling to create 

    Diwali Magic

● Focussing on appreciating what I already 

   possess, rather than purchasing new things for 

   the occasion 

Shopping my Home for Diwali Decor 

Personally, I like to experiment with various ideas. My Diwali Decor is different each year.

This year, I have decided to display various bric a brac which I already possess. 

My planning is to take a hard look at all Decor items that are already displayed plus open up all cupboards and rummage through them for things that have been forgotten. Out of sight, out of mind!

So, I plan to go through everything and figure out what can be used for Diwali Decor. 

This way, I get to use my creativity without unnecessary spending. 

This is the look of my no fuss Entryway Diwali Decor. 

Things I have used:

A Bronze Ganesha for good health and luck.

A tiny Green Ganesha. 

A Red Lantern with fairy lights. 

A Green Candle holder 

A Green Grey Runner 

An ardent fan of Minimalism, I like no fuss Decorations. 

As this is an Entryway, decor has been kept minimal so as not to come in the way. The Red and Green color are juxtaposed with each other and cast a soothing look on the entire area.

I have tried this by hit and trial and am mighty pleased with the result. 

Here, I have created another look with Ganesha and Candle. This looks stunning and gives a no fuss look to the place.

All items used for decoration have been with me since a long time. The string of fairy lights is from last year.

Using leftover Candles and Diyas 

These Matka Diyas are from last Diwali. They are so pretty that I decided to use them again this year.

After a gentle scrub, they were sparkling. This time I decided to use Tea Lights. 

Things I have used:

Matka Diyas 

Decorative Table Runner 

Tea Lights 



All items have been reused. Even the Tea Lights are from last year.

This year too I have ordered some tea lights and a couple of fairy lights. As these are consumables, you have to buy fresh every year according to your requirement.

Here, I decided to add some sparkle to the Diyas by using the Bangles. It changed the entire look.

 You can make use of multicolored bangles to give a colorful look to any arrangement! We all have some at Home. 

Here, I have used Kadas ( thick Bangles) from my Hyderabad collection. 

● Creating interesting focal points by reusing, repurposing and upcycling 

Here is a close-up of my Kashmiri Samovar with a vintage touch. 

By night-time, it reflects a stunning glow with fairy lights. 

Things I have used:

A Bronze Kashmiri Samovar ( 2 decades old) from my Kashmir Travel

Fairy lights 

Black painted Rajasthani low table( has been with me for the last 3 decades)

This year I decided to upcycle and repurpose objects from my Home for creating the festive cheer.

And low and behold, as the night descended, the magic of fairy lights mixed with the vintage Bronze and the Black low table cast a warm glow all over.

I highly recommend you to try using mixed media and various objects in your Home to create Diwali magic this festival season. 

This is my original idea and I am extremely pleased with the outcome!

● Upcycling and reusing 

Things I have used:

An empty glass jar from the Kitchen 

A string of fairy lights 

A Pink bow( saved from a gift) 

Silver Decor inside the jar( from waste)

A Pink Floral Tiara( borrowed from Daughter)

A Red low Table ( 3 decades old)

The result is absolutely stunning, isn’t it? You can use this pretty arrangement to highlight a corner. 

● Incorporate your Kids art work and DIY into the decorations 

These pretty handpainted Diyas are a gift from my Neice. She loves to DIY and I make sure to use them in my Diwali Decor. Go ahead and encourage your kids to add a personal touch to the decorations. 

Let them visualize and create anything depending in their age. Incorporate their ideas as you decorate your Home. This will encourage them to put in effort and also give them a sense of achievement.  

Day time Diwali Decor will bring out the artistic side of your near and dear ones. 

Not everything needs to be purchased and hand made pride should be emphasized. 


Do not leave any Diyas or Candles unsupervised. 

Make sure to keep them away from Children and Pets.

In case you use Fairy lights, make sure Children and Pets do not get entangled with the wires.

Do make sure to keep the Diyas and Candles away from curtains or flowing materials. 

All the above decorations are filmed by me with all precautions. 

Hope you enjoyed the visual tour of my Home as a run up for this Diwali and got motivated to reuse and repurpose pre owned objects. Do drop me a comment!

Wish you all a very Happy and safe Diwali. 

Happy decorating!

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