5 Simple Dining Table Decor Ideas For Diwali

The Money Plant cutting and the shimmery table runner are the common thread in all the pictures. 
The idea behind this Blog is to highlight beauty in simplicity. 

 Friends, as the Rainy season is over and the Festive season is upon us, let’s add some cheer to our Dining Table Decor with these simple, easy and doable ideas. 

My personal style is Eclectic and Minimal. This was not the case not too long ago. Having stumbled upon Joshua Becker blogs around 5 years ago, my journey towards Minimalism has been slow but steady. 

I can call myself a Rainbow Minimalist as I now live with and enjoy whatever is with me after getting rid of a whole bunch of stuff that I gave away to others to enjoy. 

Now I appreciate whatever is there in my decluttered Home. Clean spaces bring me a lot of Peace and Calm. 

Occasionally, I bring in stuff with mindful shopping and keep my Occasion Decor simple yet stylish. 

A gentle reminder: All pictures have been clicked by me at my Home. You are requested to mention the source in case you plan to use any.

Here are a few Decor styles that I am incorporating this coming Diwali month. 

Thought behind the style 

●Keeping the space clutter free 

● Using creativity to decorate the space 

● No spend Decor as I am using whatever I already possess( You have to buy the Candles and Diyas according to your requirement)

●Reuse, repurpose, recycle and upcycle already existing items at Home 

● Showcasing, how to use a simple plant,twig or foliage to create a serene and happy space.

1● Plant and Scented Candles 

Things I have used:

A plant cutting from my Garden 

A glass to hold the plant 

A scented Lavander candle 

A Platter for the arrangement ( it gives a put together look)

A shimmery table runner 

Such a charming arrangement with Lavander scented candle. It freshens up the area with the pleasant aroma. 

Also, this fuss free decoration is compact and can be shifted anywhere easily. 
The Candle and the shimmery table runner adds to the Diwali/festive look.

2● Plant and Ganesha 

Things I have used:

Money Plant cutting from my Garden 

Glass from the kitchen to hold the Plant 

A Green Glass Ganesha 

A Conch Shell 

A Platter to hold the arrangement together 

A shimmery table runner 

The plant cutting adds freshness, the Green Ganesha is so charming and adds good vibes. The Conch Shell goes with the Diwali Decor. 
A no fuss arrangement, comes together on a platter and can be moved easily. 
It can also be displayed on a Coffee table, Console, Entryway or in a corner. 
3● Plant and Buddha 

Things I have used 

Plant cutting from my Garden 

Glass from the kitchen to hold the plant 



Shimmery table runner 

Just added a Buddha to the arrangement and it has completely changed the look.
The Buddha exudes a sense of Peace and Calm. In the chaotic and hectic festive season, this will soothen all tempers. 
Again, it can be moved easily and you can use it in a corner, Console or Entryway. 
4 Plant and Golden candle 

Things I have used:

Plant cutting from my Garden 

Glass from the kitchen to hold the plant 


Golden candle 

Shimmery table runner 

Here, I have used these elegant Golden Candles to create a simple Diwali look.
This display is simple and stylish.  You can go with one or more Candles to suit your taste. 
5● Plant and Lantern 

Things I have used:

Plant cutting from my Garden 

A Lantern ( old)


Shimmery table runner 

Here, I just added a Lantern ( almost a decade old) and a tea light. 
Actually, I am not in favor of Diyas and Candles on my Dining table as it can be hazardous. Just a practical arrangement, a warm glow and pretty ambience. 

My main focus while creating these simple and stylish arrangements was
● Dacor that does not look messy 
● Easy to maintain 
● Does not require a lot of time to clean and dust
● Should not cost a lot
● To use already existing items at Home 
● Small, compact, movable so it does not clutter the Dining Table 
● Does not create waste 
● It can be used in any space
Hope you liked my ideas. Do drop me a comment as it will encourage me to come up with more  ideas.
Wishing you a very Happy Diwali and Happy Decorating. Cheers!

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